Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sometimes Bad Things Happen.....

Lucy and I live in Colorado Springs with our family.....
The past few days, something has not been right.
Hot, dry and very windy.....the sky is as dark as everyone's mood.
Our noses twitch at a heavy, odd and smokey scent.
Our humans speak in quick, hushed voices, and huddle around the TV.
FIRE.....A strange new word.
Everyone is shaking their head and looking scared.
I am scared too.....
I try to comfort Mom, and lay my head on her knee.
She lays her hand on my head, and looks into my eyes with great sadness.
What is happening to our world?
Who will save us?
How will this end?
Look out for each other.....
WE is all we have.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Let's Talk Trash!

We canines have a dirty little secret.....
Nothing makes us happier than digging in the trash.
Nose first and up to our eyeballs, 
we are happiest sniffing and scarfing our humans' waste!
Dogs have been refining these skills for thousands of years,
since we first began hanging with the humans around a campfire.
A post feast bone yard was every newly domesticated wolf's best treat.
And, not much has really changed since then.....
I know I can smell a leftover candy wrapper at 50 paces,
and Lucy.....well, Lucy is paws...itively bionic!
As I've mentioned, she can telepathically transport to food or
trash from anywhere in the compound in a millisecond.....
Plus, have it disposed of, in the same amount of time!
No crumb is too small for her.
And, we kids especially love it smelly......
The more odoriferous, the better!!
Rotten food, dead fish, fox poop.....Yuummm!!!
I had a Labrador brother once who disappeared for two days 
and was found in the Wendy's Hamburgers dumpster,
happily sucking down the old bacon grease.....
Now, that's a professional!
It took several bathtubs and half a gallon of Dawn dish soap
to clean up that guy .....or, so I've heard.
(I don't think he was ever let out of the house again.)
Well, it's been great day dreaming, but I gotta run.....
There's  a couple dustbins to patrol, 
and Lucy's already got a 30 second head start.....
Hey Lu Lu, save a scrap for ME!
Timing is everything.....Keep an ear cocked for the trash trucks.