Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Time to Say Goodbye.....

Last week I realized 
I was going to lose Lamb Chop.
After months of Westie love, 
Her paws were ragged, 
Her face chewed off and 
Her stuffing trailed the house 
like a bad hunter's camp.
She was my one and only Girl,
and while there were always 
multiple toy friends scattered about,
She was the one who meant the most.
Wet from slobbery kissing, 
She now lay pitifully in a pile on the floor.....
Yesterday, Mom stepped in.
"Health Hazard"......She said.
Huh?.....How could that be?
Lamb Chop is the kind of 
Forever Friend 
every Guy dreams of......
Long lashes, sweetest smile, soft and cuddly.
Plus a great personality and a big Heart to boot.
Sure, she didn't say much,
But what guy wants that?
Maybe I got too involved.
Maybe I loved her to death.
But, I wouldn't have it any other way.....
Thank you, LC, for the gift you were.
This morning I woke up, stretched, yawned
and realized Lamb Chop is gone.
Probably in a dust bin somewhere.
It's's really over.
Time for an Andrea Bocelli CD and 
Lots of wound licking.
Parting is such Sweet, Sweet Sorrow.....

Best to have an extra Lamb Chop in the wings.
You never know when this one's bound for the trash.
(Hey Mom, when are we heading back to Wal-Mart?)