Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bird Watching.....

At the risk of seeming a full blown Geek,
I have to admit that nothing excites Me
Like a morning following our neighborhood Birds!
Just beyond reach,
Two feeders hang over key windows,
And we Kids patrol them like 
Alcatraz  prison guards.
With laser focus, Lucy and I stalk our 
Feathered Friends.....
Robins, Sparrows, Magpies and Chickadees
Ours is a very diverse bunch!
Without a sound we watch, 
'Til every perch is full with busy beaks.
Wings are beating, seed is falling, 
A sacred bird communion!
And just when tension is highest 
And we can stand no more.....
Barrk, Baarrk, BaRRK, BAAARRRK, BARK!
Off they scatter to the trees!!
Lucy and I puff up.....
Once again, we've protected Home and Hearth.
No time for self congratulation though.....
There's more to do.
NOW is prime time to administrate those cheeky Squirrels!

As You Watchdog, beware your own perch.
I've landed in a heap on the floor more than once.....
Sadly, Canines have no Wings.
Imagine the World if We DID!