Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Checkered Flags......

Sometimes our Living Room feels like a Daytona Speedway.....
Racing down the front hallway and careening off the sofas,
NASCAR has nothing on us!
When Mom's lacing up her sneakers,
getting ready for her morning run,
Lucy and I can barely contain ourselves.....
We warm up along with her, pouncing on each other like
a couple of young cats.....dart and weave, poke and feint.
Just egging each other on!
Soon, the snarls and teeth of course.....
And, all Holy H.....breaks out!!
Mom is shouting, "CUT IT OUT!", but by now it's too late.
Down the front hall stretch, me leading with Lu Lu drafting behind,
tearing the finish off the linoleum, we nearly reach warp speed!
Cutting close on the corners, clearing the coffee table with a bound,
and bouncing up to the sofa cushions, with a snappy finish!
Hey MOM, are you ready YET?!?
It's a BEAUTIFUL Colorado morning!
Out the door we both go, leashes taut behind us, and Mom
flailing to keep up.....
Start your Engines kids.....The TRUE Race has begun!!
As the saying goes,
Boogity, Boogity, BOOGITY!.....Let's go racin' Boys!
Maintain paw health for optimal traction.
A lower tail position benefits your Drafting technique.
If you know what's good for you.....Always let your Sister WIN!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Believe in Dog.....

I mean, God.
You might think that we Canines are without Faith,
But that just isn't true.....
We feel the call of our Creator, in every day and every way.
In the song of the birds, 
early Sunday morning.....
In the warmth of the sun on our backs, 
eyes closed and peaceful, patio snoozing.
In the friendly sniff of a neighbor dog friend.
In a joyful BARK..... just for the heck of it!
 When running free (almost) through a field of tall grass. 
When digging to China, in search of..... a treat.

In the ear rub Mom gives, every night before we dream.
We see God and we know Him.
And we know, without Hubris, that we are among his 
most amazing creations.....
We are pure God's LOVE.....In a Four Legged Body. 
Praise DOG.