Sunday, March 9, 2014

They're BAAACK!

I see lights, I hear a car.....I smell MOMMM!
We run to the back door.....Me grinning, Lucy with Lion in her mouth.
Just when it seemed we could wait no longer,
Our Parents stroll in, big bags in hand and looking tan and happy.
We dance and leap, catching serious air,
and throw ourselves into their VERY full arms......
Mom drops her purse, lots of pink stuff scatters, and she laughs!
We get head rubs, chest rubs, and full body hugs......
Lucy is swung in the air and lands like a Parrot on Dad's shoulder.
I go into full throttle lick mode, and cover Mom with kisses.
The slobber is flying, but I'm beyond caring.....
HOOOooooooo.........We are a family again!

When your Folks are gone, find a sunny spot and sleep a lot.
The time just flies by when you're dreaming of chasing varmints 
across a summer meadow.....
FYI.....I've found fox poop REALLY 
knocks me out!