Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fear of Needles!

Last week, Mom leashed me up, 
loaded me in the car, 
and trucked me off in a hurry.....
Lucy was NOT 
along for the ride.....YEAH!
Heading for the wild west foothills,
my heart was feeling the thrill 
of the Open Road.
Window down, Wind in my face, 
Adventures awaiting.....
Mom made a different right turn
and I knew Play 
was no longer in my future.
She took the turn that meant only one thing.....
OK, I'm a big boy.
I have broad Westie shoulders and can take this in stride.
Easy now.....Breath deep.....No reason to Panic.....
They are nice folks there, and I always get a treat.
Which is NOT quite as great to look forward to as 
Gopher chasing in the field,
but it's a consolation prize of sorts.
Maybe I'll get two?
SO, in we go, and we register and they weigh me
and I was down about 3 oz. 
(which is a tribute to Mom starving me at every meal)
and KJ said WHAT a good boy I was for staying so slim.
Well, I'm feeling better after that!
Then, we go into the examining room......
Where we wait a LONG time.
I pace and pant and jump on Mom 
and basically revert to my bad Puppy habits.
(I'm pretty nervous.....Don't tell my Trainer)
Finally, my favorite Doctor comes in with his Nurse,
and they talk all sweet and give me the treats (Yup, two!)
and I get reviewed from stem to stern......
Eyes, check.
Ears, check.
Body, check.
Butt.....Now, wait a minute!.....A Guy's got his dignity!!!
And, after some poking and prodding, All seems fine.....
Now, for the SHOTS.....OMG..... I HATE this part!
I try to hide.
Suddenly, I see more treats coming my way.....YUUUUMMMM.
Thanks Nurse Brandy.....Huh?.....All Done!?..... OK.....Not so Bad.
We head straight home, and Mom leaves me for a neat little nap on the couch.
She drives away to run errands, and I drift off.
An hour later, she's home and I jump up to see her.......
WHOOOOOOOOO.....Do I feel Whoosey!
Yikes!!.....My eyes won't focus and I can't feel my tongue.
Every part of my body aches, but especially the scruff of my neck.
I have a headache like Woody Woodpecker is pounding to China above my brow.
Something Is Not Right!!!
I'm dazed and drifting, but can hear her on the phone.....
She's talking to the Nurse.
OK, she says, OK.
Next thing I know, she's forcing a little clear pill down my throat and I hear......
Oh No.....Was I a bad boy, and this is my PUNISHMENT??
Double Yikes.....I would have turned on more charm, had I known?
I haven't felt this bad since I sucked down the green Fox poo......
Now, THAT was a bad day!
But, Mom scoops me up and hugs me 
and says I'm a Good Boy..... not to worry.....
and I fall asleep in her arms.
When I wake up later, it's dinnertime, 
Yaaawwwnnn,  and I feel Muuuuccchhh better.
Whew!.....That was a close one!!!
Good thing I'm a big, strong Westie at the Top of my Game.
Even so.....
Hopefully, we won't be making that tricky right turn again anytime soon!

When You're at the Vet, keep your eye on the Needles.
Don't be a sucker for the treats.....
The Sticker Shock is NOT worth it!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Passion Play ......

My Little Sister Lucy 
is a passionate pooch,
and She takes her feelings 
VERY seriously......
Her every emotion is nuclear,
and you could say she wears 
her heart on her sleeve.....
(If she had one...sleeve I mean)
From the moment She first arrived, 
She made her opinions known,
and it didn't matter a bit 
if they differed from mine.....
My days as Alpha Pup
had come to an end!
If She wanted attention.....
She spoke UP.....AAARRFFFF!
When She wanted fed.....
She hunkered down with that serious stare 
and a low no nonsense growl.
Time for a block walk?.....
Mom's shins were scratched and nipped,
until the leashes finally came out.
When She envied my favorite toy 
Lamb Chop.....Whoooshh.....
Suddenly LC was in HER mouth!
Primo spot on the bed.....Yup, you guessed it.....HERS!!!
There's no reasoning with Lucy.....It's Her way, or the Highway.
And, if I want something, She's bound and determined to want it MORE.
That's my new reality.
It's hard for me to understand sometimes,
But I have to admire her fanatical focus.....
The Girl knows what She wants and She goes after it!

YOU decide.
But, you've got to hand it to her.....
She's pretty hard to IGNORE !

Don't get too attached to that comfy spot on the sofa,
Or your snuggly Zebra toy.
And stay out of her way when the Moon is Full.......

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Giant Ice Balls from Mars.......

So.....You won't believe what happened a couple weeks ago!
Mom put me on the leash tie out for my afternoon relief.....
and somehow forgot me?
It had been a lovely day.....Typical Colorado blue skies and light wind.
VERY comfy temps for loafing around on the pink patio cement.
But that afternoon, 
the weather got really weird.
Suddenly, the wind started up 
and the clouds began boiling.
There was a spit of rain, and then the strangest thing.....
HUGE ice chunks began to fall from the sky!
Hundreds of them, 
like a horde of angry wasps!!
In seconds, the patio was morphed from warm and comfy to paw deep in ice cubes.
I took a beating on the head for a bit (Still hoping for Mom to appear.....YIKES!)
then skedaddled under the closest pine tree to wait it out.
The entire world whooshed and spun, 
and I felt like I was inside a giant washing machine.....
Patio furniture went flying, chunks of the roof fell off and every flower in our pots 
and yard just disappeared.....Gone in 60 seconds.....Sucked into the Alien Vortex!!!
It seemed like hours, but could only have been minutes.
Any moment, I guessed Little Green Men would appear.....
But, they didn't.
Just Mom, FINALLY, and SHE didn't look too happy.
She scooped me up, made a huge fuss over me, kissed me all over,
and I think there was a bit of mist in her eyes.....
I can't be sure if she was sad for her flowers, or for missing me?
I'm guessing the latter.
She saved me from the Martians and made it all better.
Thanks Mom!
I'm so glad too..... 
Cuz I get car sick really easy,
and can't imagine how I'd do in a warp speed flying saucer......

If you have an easily distractible Mom like mine,
keep your Bronco's Helmet handy.....
You never know when you might need protection from alien invaders.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wealth Management......

I have rich friends,
and I have poor friends......
I love them all, 
and when we go out to play,
it's hard to tell who is who.....
We all just get along.
The Park is a great equalizer!
Some live in huge houses, 
with special fences 
and real time doggie doors.
Their beds are imported goose down, and their dog food is organic.
Their collars have a special 
paw print logo embroidered on them.
Their toys come from an upscale boutique, just for us Kids, down the street.......
These Pups have the life!
Some of my friends live more simply......
But, they're not whining or unhappy.
Often, they have the very best adventures!
(And, they sure do know how to tree a Squirrel!!)
I kind of think we need us all in this world.....
The strutters and the scrappers.
Some are meant to sit back and enjoy life,
and others are meant to ask questions and push the boundaries.
Some are happy and comfortable where they are,
Some will forever look for adventure, and answers.
Some are content.....Some are restless. 
Some are curious.....Some are wise.
Each is on his path of life...... 
Each has something special to offer when the pack gathers.
The important thing, REALLY, is how we all PLAY together!
At the Social Park, we're all in the Mix.
Butt sniffs are standard..... So are lifted legs.....
A few snarls..... Mostly excited Yips!
Soon, a pack of us is racing down the trail,
 like a South American Soccer Team in pursuit of a winning goal.
This is JOY in it's purest form......This is definition of Dogdom!
Who CARES what kind of percale dog bed might be your birthright?
I'm drooling right along side my Brother! 
Likewise, at Midnight, when the Fox, Coyote, Bear and Lion stalk, 
does anyone ask whose dog voice howls in protest?
No......We are Universal.....WE ARE ONE.....And, we have each others back!
Aooooooo, AAoooooo, AAOOooooooo !!!
A symphony of voices fills the still, dark air.
Begone Wild Ones! 
You can't stand up to all of US!! 
These are the Kids that have my back.....
And that security spells true wealth.

(All this, and of course Mom's warm lap at the end of the day.)

Forget what treats you may or may not have.....
Remember, in the dark of night, it's all about having each other.
I'm pretty sure that's what the Doggie Lamma would say......

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Birthday Boy......

Last Friday was my birthday......
Or, so Mom says.
March 28.....
Apparently, a very important date for her.
Because, she had been mentioning it 
ALL week.
Now, I'm not one for tracking holidays,
(unlike a swift ground squirrel for instance!)
and it sort of snuck up on me,
but I sure do LOVE all the treats that go with Birthdays!!!
So, I was really looking forward to the FUN!
Mom said this was a big one, 
because I turned 8
and she says I'm now on the Back Nine.....
(Whatever THAT means?)
So, suddenly on Friday afternoon, 
our kitchen was filled with balloons, 
bows, party hats, and the savory 
bacon smell of dog treats (my FAVORITE kind!)
We even had cupcakes (banana flavor with purple yogurt icing!)
WOW, this is the LIFE!!!
The entire family (Lucy too, unfortunately) gathered in the kitchen
and there were treats EVERYWHERE.
My taste buds were in overload.
Liver, fish, bacon, cheese.....
Then, the presents came out, wrapped in colorful bags 
that I could really sink my teeth into!
There was a Camo T-shirt (unfortunately too small....could it be the treats?)
an Elephant tug toy from Dad,
and a really great purple Monkey from my Human Brother and his Girl.
I quickly forgot the pupperoni stix for a good shake of that Monkey.
I named him Cheech.....It has a ring to it, don't you think??
Mom and Dad had a good laugh at that.
We ALL had a wonderful time, and even Lucy was smiling
(Which, of course, why NOT.....
she's sucking down MY great treats.....
And sneaking off with MY new toys.....
But, I was determined to be good sport.....I'm MATURE now)
Later,I settled down for a wonderful snooze,
and though my tummy was gurgling a bit more than usual,
All in All, it was a Banner Day!!!
They say it's my Birthday.....Da, da, da, da, da.....da.

Make every day a treat.....
You never know when you might hit the 18th Hole.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

TV Hero.....

No matter where I am,
when the TV starts Barking, 
I'm there in a flash!
(Ditto..... Meows, Squeaks, Clucks,
Snarls, Growls or Hisses)
Humans are constantly 
floating on the TV,
and I'm just not impressed.
But, let anything with 4 legs 
( 3, 8 or 100 for that matter)
appear on the screen.....
(Even cartoon animals 
send me spinning.....
Let me at that Wiley Coyote!!!)
Forgive my Hyper Focus, 
but I take this assignment very seriously.....
It is MY job to protect Mom and the entire Family.
I won't have that wayward Canine taking over our house, 
with his whines, barks, running and JUMPING.....Into the Living Room!
I HURL myself against the TV full force, 
Lucy close behind, as we Tag Team the Interlopers! 
Soon the house is filled with our Security Howls.....
Boy, does that feel better, and suddenly Fido is GONE.
For the Moment.
But, He'll be back.
(I stake my reputation on it!)
It's curious...... 
Mom must feel super anxious with those strange animals around,
because she's usually screaming at the top of her lungs......
Don't worry Mom......Mick to the Rescue!
Bark, Bark, Barrrk,BBAaarrrkk, BAARRKKK!!!
Suddenly the screen goes Black??
Guess that Rover wisely gave up.....
Mission Accomplished.
It's amazing what a guy can do when he REALLY puts the WHAMMY on it!

Claim the sofa spot closest to the TV for best surveillance and vigilance.....
Mom will thank you for it!
And, if you need reinforcements,
ACME has some really neat products.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

They're BAAACK!

I see lights, I hear a car.....I smell MOMMM!
We run to the back door.....Me grinning, Lucy with Lion in her mouth.
Just when it seemed we could wait no longer,
Our Parents stroll in, big bags in hand and looking tan and happy.
We dance and leap, catching serious air,
and throw ourselves into their VERY full arms......
Mom drops her purse, lots of pink stuff scatters, and she laughs!
We get head rubs, chest rubs, and full body hugs......
Lucy is swung in the air and lands like a Parrot on Dad's shoulder.
I go into full throttle lick mode, and cover Mom with kisses.
The slobber is flying, but I'm beyond caring.....
HOOOooooooo.........We are a family again!

When your Folks are gone, find a sunny spot and sleep a lot.
The time just flies by when you're dreaming of chasing varmints 
across a summer meadow.....
FYI.....I've found fox poop REALLY 
knocks me out!

Sunday, March 2, 2014


One day not long ago, my Mom just disappeared......
(So did Dad too, 
but we can live with that)
It happened in the dark of night, way before the birds start singing.
Our human brother showed up at the door (he's been gone for months too)
and helped with those big bulgy boxes rolling about.
The car was running with lights on.
Hushed voices whispered last minute instructions.....
Lucy and I sat dumbstruck, not believing our eyes.....
They're LEAVING??!??
Our ears were back and sadness was creeping in by the minute.
Mom came over for one last snuggle, and tried to comfort me.....
"Don't worry sweetheart, we'll be back soon. Love you, Be good!"
And then.......... They were gone.
Now, I'm a smart Pup, but I can't tell time and I don't know what "soon" is.....
Our brother fed us, walked us, slept with us.....but, it wasn't the same.
For a LONG time.....
I've got to admit, I was one depressed Pup.
This was no vacation for us.
Even LambChop couldn't console me, and Lucy quit carrying Lion too.
We stood....sad sentinels..... on the sofa back, watching the window all day long,
and wondering..... was our Mom EVER coming home?

Sunday, February 23, 2014


There's a new love in my life.....
And her name is.....LambChop.
Mom brought her home from 
the grocery yesterday
and I was instantly smitten!
Lucy, of course, wanted to be her 
new Best Friend,
but a little snarl from me 
set Lucy straight.....
LambChop is MY Girl!!!
My Girl doesn't bark or bite at me.
She doesn't push me around 
or steal my stuff.
She just winks her dark lashes at me 
and quietly waits 
while I tear out her stuffing 
and nibble on her soft red paws.
Her squeakers are gone now
(Mom always confiscates those!)
but there's something comforting about
her complete and accepting silence.....
It's wonderful to have a friend who knows me so well.
As I drag her into my dark canine cave,
I thank Dog for True Love!
(Lucy, Stand Back!!!)

Don't leave your Girl lying around.....
Some opportunist is always ready to pounce!
Treat her with respect and care, 
and you'll share many months of Joy!!
(LambChop......Will you marry me?!?!)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day.....

Our house seems to be full of red stuff 
this weekend.......
What gives?
Red flowers on the counter, 
red papers on the shelf, 
the sweet smell of candy
and pink scout scarves on Lucy 
and me.....Really??.....PINK for ME?
(I'll be the laughing stock of the neighborhood dogs.....
Guinness, the Husky down the block, would REFUSE to wear pink!)
The upside seems to be lots of kisses 
and hugs for us pups,
and special "hot dog" treats 
in our bowl.....DROOL!
Mom and Dad seem especially happy, and LOVE is in the air!
Of course, Mom..... I'll be your Valentine.....Arffff
Anything (including Pink!) for another yummy Hot Dog!!!

To my Friends and Family,
(I especially like the last one!)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Year's Resolution......

I'm blaming it ALL on Sparky 
(of course).
He went underground, and so did I trying to track him.....
Just call me Stealth!
(There was no time for blogging)
But, I'm getting ahead of myself !
Let me catch you up on the action.....
Suddenly, our house became a very busy place.
There were lots of big feasts (with various Turkey parts added to our bowls!)
New people came and went, with happy talk and laughter.
Amazing amounts of great snacks disappeared over our heads, and some into the
giant white box in the kitchen wall.....
a few tidbits hit the floor and they were OURS!
A huge tree appeared in the house (this was NOT the first year)
and Mom spent a lot of time hanging dangling things from the branches.
Little red boxes were all over the floor, and socks hung off the fireplace.....
(This really frustrated Lucy, as she is the self appointed family sock manager 
and keeps close tabs on any not currently being worn.
She eyed the mantle socks jealously 
and occasionally jumped, trying to reach them.....No success)
One morning, all of the red boxes were opened.
The entire family sat on the floor with us Pups, 
and laughed and hugged and tore paper.
There were boxes for us kids too, and one of them held inside
12 stuffed squirrels.....WOW, we had some fun with those!
(Tasty on the tongue, but not the real thing)
One of the bigger boxes had a special surprise for Mom.
As far as I can tell, it was a new bird feeder..... 
perhaps to entertain us and the birds?
What was really great was that somehow it seemed to foil SPARKY!!!
Not that he didn't try, of course......
Cheeky creature dangled between the window screen and the feeder 
like a flying squirrel,
but it was Mission Impossible for him!
All this hub bub went on for weeks.....
Then, suddenly life was quiet again.
We napped a lot, white fluff came down outside 
and it got very, very cold on our paws.
Mom and Dad pulled our coats out of storage, and we bundled up.
Walks were were the days.....and it was dark a lot.
The ground was covered deep in white, and we could see the prints 
of our many wild animal friends.
Herds of deer bedded down in our yard.....THAT was exciting!
An owl hooted atop our giant tree.....Foxes trotted through.
And the birds were everywhere, feasting at the feeder.
But, where was SPARKY?!?!.....He had VANISHED.
One day I was napping, when I heard a rustle.....
I slowly hopped up to the bench below the feeder and peeked out.
In the bush branches, he was creeping up with eyes only on the birdseed.....
Now, that's more like it.....
The Chase is ON!
No matter what Mom says, I'm going to get that rodent.....
It's 2014 and THAT'S my New Year's Resolution!!!