Saturday, January 10, 2015

Loving Lucy.....

I've had a little Sister for 2 years now, and God knows it hasn't been easy.....
When she arrived, scruffy, scared and dragging a tattered toy,
she wasn't the most lovable rescue pup on the Planet.
She demanded attention, snapped loudly, stole my food and toys,
Even drew BLOOD!
And It's common knowledge that I wasn't thrilled.....
Thanks MOM.
But, I was thinking today how much things have changed??
I can't say where or when exactly,
but somehow along the way I stopped Hating her..... 
and started Loving Lucy.
Maybe it began with that first friendly tug of war.
Maybe she waited just a milli second longer to pirate my bowl.
Maybe she stole Lamb Chop, but shared her back a moment later.
Maybe, just maybe, her heart became a bit happier
as she learned to love our family way.....
Her Spirit felt lighter,she became a whole lot cuter, 
and she finally gave us All a break!
One day, I realized I actually looked forward to her coming through the back door.
I teased her..... and she flirted back.
We could eat in the same room, without hiding our food.
And, believe it or not, I actually WANTED to share my pillow with that Girl!
Families come in all shapes, sizes and flavors.....
Lucy may be a quirky Sister, 
But she's MY sister.

Life sure has a funny way of working out.

Faith, Hope and Love......
But the Greatest of These is Love.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Keep Dancing.....

Here we are at the beginning of yet another Year,
and I know I'm getting Older (white chin hairs!)
Though not much Wiser it seems.
Chasing the same squirrels, scarfing the same kibble,
Barking up the same old tree.
And, it makes a Guy wonder, is that all there is?
Is that ALL there is??
If that's all there is my friend, then let's keep Dancing.....?
(Or, in my case, frolicking with Lamb Chop)
And yet, Life is too short not to EXPLORE!
Life is for finding the next Rabbit Den, sneaking Holiday Pumpkin Pie
and chasing the neighbors' cute little Pekingese ALL the way to the Reservoir!!
Yes, Mom will be disappointed in me..... but a Guy's got to LIVE!
2015..... I want to travel the world (or at least cross town), 
Meet new friends and stay out late (even if it's back yard howling)
I want to see, taste and do things I've never done before.......
I want to slide into NEXT year with No Regrets!
Come on Kids.....Are you with me?!?
There's FUN to be had, even if I AM an Old Man!
The Moon is Full, the Call is Wild, and I have some Fox Holes to sniff!

As they say on my Block,
If you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.
No problem.....I'm Alpha all the way!
Look out World, Mick Wagger is WAY Out Front!!