Sunday, June 21, 2015

SUMMERTIME.....And the Rolling is Easy!

I might have mentioned that my sister Lucy
Has a rolling fetish?
Give her the tiniest patch of grass, 
And she flops down in a crazy back dance.
Eyes wild, mouth grinning, tail wagging.....
She's the picture of innocent pleasure!
Lucy's especially gleeful to roll 
after we've been to the Spa.
(For some reason, 
Mom's not thrilled about that.)
Mostly, I just watch her and sigh......
Oh, the Young and Immature!
But, it's Summer.....The pavement's HOT,
And even a middle aged Guy like Me needs Frolic occasionally.
Oh, What the Heck!
I'm going in.....
SOMEBODY needs to watch that Girl !!

Mom's seems way happier if you pick a CLEAN patch of grass.