Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lion King......

My sister, Lucy, is completely obsessed with one of her toys......
Though she must have 100 half chewed varmints in our  toy box,
she is fixated on our bedraggled blue and gold Lion.
Lion is always smiling, has a cobalt mane, a cute little tail,
and she carries him gently wherever she goes.
When Mom and Dad return at the end of the day,
Lucy greets them at the door with.....
You guessed it..... Lion in her mouth!
Sometimes, she'll let Mom take Simba and throw him down the hall.....
Bounding after that wet hunk of fur, Lucy is deliriously happy.
(She can play that game for hours.....Mom is thrilled to be pitcher)
Sometimes, she sofa naps in the sun, head on Lion's belly,
and produces a small, purring snore.
Even I have to admit she looks innocently cute!
But, act like you might steal Simba, and Lucy is on alert!!
Now, I'd like to add, Lion used to be MINE.......
I got him from my human brother one Christmas 
a couple years back, before Lucy joined our Pack.
But Sparky Squirrel was new to our neighborhood then, 
and WAY more interesting, so Lion kind of got lost in the bin.....
Til Lucy came to Town!!
Actually, I see this experience as a chance for me to exercise my
more mature, patient, giving nature.....
And so, Lucy, your Lion is safe from ME......For now.
If your patience slips, and you're tempted to snag the TOY,
regroup, meditate, call on your Guides, be your best parent,
Or.....OMG!.....Is that Sparky right outside our window?!?!?

Redirected attention is a beautiful thing.