Tuesday, August 20, 2013

News Flash.....

Every morning, Mom and Dad hop out of bed,
make the coffee, take us out and grab the Newspaper from the front yard.
We kids would love it if they fed and walked us right then,
but instead they settle back under covers for what feels like HOURS of READING!
Being patient, obedient pups, we settle in too.....Kind Of.
Those papers are funny things, with lots of squiggles and pictures,
and we're not sure what they say..... but Mom and Dad seem very interested.
Sometimes they laugh, and sometimes they frown, and sometimes Dad just
throws it down on the bed, disgusted.....
But, there's always something to talk about (Especially the Denver Broncos!).
I've even seen photos of Canines and Cats inside (MY kind of story!).
When our patience has finally run thin, Lucy surfaces, 
gives that little low throaty growl of hers, 
and proceeds to stand on top of all that newsprint.
OK MOM!.....We're not messing around now..... 
News Flash.....It's time for our breakfast and a hike!
And, in case that message isn't clear enough, she gives those papers a little chew too!
Thanks Lucy, for bringing our parents back to Earth.
Current events can wait.....We have Canine surveillance to report!!!
Around the block, through the neighborhood, and up into the Foothills.....
Sharing a woof with all our dog neighbor friends.....
Keeping an eye on deer, bear, fox and squirrel.....
Marking our turf every 20 paces.....
Now, that's how WE spread the News.

If you want to speed up the process, pass a little Gas.
It will definitely get your morning message across.....