Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween High.....

So, I'm just now surfacing from a couple of crazy weeks.....
Suddenly, there was a lot of extra Orange and Black around our house.
Pumpkins appeared everywhere..... 
(Sparky ate the entire porch pumpkin in less than a week.....
That's one giant squirrel belly ache!)
And, Mom mysteriously stopped cleaning the resident spider webs.
Lucy and I were carefully fitted for our special costumes.....
We were both prisoners in striped pajamas, with our crimes printed on our backs.
Lucy was labeled a "Sock Stealer", 
and I.....Errr..... "Eat Deer Poop".
(Now, how could that be against the law?)
Mom and Dad had funny clothes too, and kept calling each other
Bonnie or Clyde.....Both carried long brown plastic sticks.
Their ratta- tat- tat sounds made us jumpy and we Kids barked a LOT!
The best part of this time, though, was the wonderful smell of chocolate in the air.....
Mom has said a hundred times that we can't have this treat, 
but a Guy can sure still hope.....
On the big night, we had a barking extravaganza!
Kids came to our door, rang the bell, and showed us their crazy clothes.
My favorites were the Ghouls.....Lucy liked the Princesses.
Arf, Arf, ARf, ARf.......ARFFFF!!!!!
Mom had a huge bowl of that wonderful chocolate stuff, and the Human Kids all got
to take it away with them, stuffing their huge orange bags.....
(Lucy and I were pretty disappointed to see it go.)
At the end of the evening, we both got an extra dog bone and it was time for bed.
I dug way under the covers and waited to pounce on Lucy.......Shhhh!
Arf, Arf, ARf, ARf.....ARFFFFF!!!!!
AHHhhhh.....I LOVE tricking that girl.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lion King......

My sister, Lucy, is completely obsessed with one of her toys......
Though she must have 100 half chewed varmints in our  toy box,
she is fixated on our bedraggled blue and gold Lion.
Lion is always smiling, has a cobalt mane, a cute little tail,
and she carries him gently wherever she goes.
When Mom and Dad return at the end of the day,
Lucy greets them at the door with.....
You guessed it..... Lion in her mouth!
Sometimes, she'll let Mom take Simba and throw him down the hall.....
Bounding after that wet hunk of fur, Lucy is deliriously happy.
(She can play that game for hours.....Mom is thrilled to be pitcher)
Sometimes, she sofa naps in the sun, head on Lion's belly,
and produces a small, purring snore.
Even I have to admit she looks innocently cute!
But, act like you might steal Simba, and Lucy is on alert!!
Now, I'd like to add, Lion used to be MINE.......
I got him from my human brother one Christmas 
a couple years back, before Lucy joined our Pack.
But Sparky Squirrel was new to our neighborhood then, 
and WAY more interesting, so Lion kind of got lost in the bin.....
Til Lucy came to Town!!
Actually, I see this experience as a chance for me to exercise my
more mature, patient, giving nature.....
And so, Lucy, your Lion is safe from ME......For now.
If your patience slips, and you're tempted to snag the TOY,
regroup, meditate, call on your Guides, be your best parent,
Or.....OMG!.....Is that Sparky right outside our window?!?!?

Redirected attention is a beautiful thing.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tails from the Pup Tent: The Circle of Life......

Tails from the Pup Tent: The Circle of Life......: Suddenly, our house is very quiet..... Our Human brother moved out last week, and there's one less plate to beg from at dinner. Also,...

The Circle of Life......

Suddenly, our house is very quiet.....
Our Human brother moved out last week,
and there's one less plate to beg from at dinner.
Also, there's less head patting, 
fewer crumbs dropped
and not near as much play.
Lucy and I really miss him.....
I think Mom does too.
Why did he have to go??
Did he get too big for his bed?
Did he run out of exciting toys?
Did he crave new food?
Or, was it just time to chase 
all the wildlife out there?
One thing's for sure.....
We will NEVER leave MOM !
We know when we've got it good!!!
And, we never have to go to College......
Give your Mom an extra hug this month.....
She's gonna need it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Saving for a Rainy Day......

Lucy and I haven't had a long hike 
in over a week......
Something is different, and very WET, 
in our neck of the woods.
Colorado seems to be under water and the flood warnings are everywhere.
The rain just keeps on coming, with no end in sight, and we kids are getting really BORED!
(And, we all know a bored Terrier 
is a BAD combination!!)
Mom runs us out quickly under umbrella 
for our potty breaks,
and we come back looking bedraggled 
and sadly Soggy Doggy.
Even Sparky has disappeared.....
Probably hiding out in the high Ponderosa 
with his stash of Sunflower seeds,
stolen from our Sunflower garden earlier last week.
Now, HE had the right idea.....
I guess We ALL need to be planning
for the next rainy day!
Stay safe Friends!!

It might be prudent to stash a Snack or two under 
your bed for the next big deluge......
And, maybe a well seasoned Sparky..... if you can catch him!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

There were 4 in the Bed, and the Little One Said.....

Have I mentioned that my Mom is a real pushover?
My friends tell different stories, but at our house the BED is open territory.....
(Actually, for that matter, so are the sofa, chairs and coffee table!)
From the time I was a Pup, I got to snuggle under the covers.
It probably helped that I was a neat guy and got the hang of potty training early on.....
Also, we Westies don't shed, and we see the inside of the Pet Pawlor Salon often, 
so overall Mom's pretty tolerant.
Of course, Lucy and I have been known to cross the line.....
Pine cones are frowned upon at this establishment, as are most all outdoor toys
and snax of any kind..... Ditto dead rodents.....But, we sometimes can't resist.
I just love the king size pillows, and commandeer the Alpha spot on Top any chance I get!
Lucy is a burrower, and loves the bottom depths at our parents feet.
That division of territory works out pretty well most of the time.....
We try stick to our opposite corners.
That is, until Lucy surfaces and thinks that Mom is HER personal pillow.
That's when the Midnight snarling begins!
And that's when Dad, The Strong Arm, gets one of us in a choke hold
and we're in isolation for the rest of the evening.
So, have I mentioned that Mom is literally a pushover?
By 2 a.m., Lucy and I have switched places several times,
and in response Mom has migrated a few times too.
One night we were all so tight to the edge that I fell off.....
Thunk!.....OUCH, that hurt!!
Mom groaned, Lucy laughed hysterically,
I limped out to the couch 
and everyone sleepily rolled over.
There were 3 in the bed, 
and the little one said.....


Resist the temptation to drag 
your stuffed Squirrel to bed.....
Mom's not thrilled 
when she opens her morning eyes 
and soggy dead fur 
is the first thing she sees!
Such choices put the Whammy 
on future bed privilege.....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And Now You know.....The Rest of the Story!

Hey Pup Fans.....Lucy (aka Lu Lu Belle) here.
My brother, Mick Wagger, has been monopolizing this story board for months,
and I figured it was my turn to speak up (or is that Arf up?) .....
And, kind of set the record straight, you know?
As you probably read early on, I was a late comer to this family.
Mick, being an only kid and BELOVED, was not exactly ecstatic at my arrival.
The tension in the air when I first walked in that house was THICK.
He wanted to rip my furr out, but instead sat there looking all sweet and innocent.
Mom was fooled.....She thought we'd be instant Pals.....But, I knew different!
SO, as any smart Underdog would, I went on the defensive.....
The minute he went Alpha,
I ripped his furr out first, and drew a little blood along with it!!
So, maybe you think I deserved my new nickname, LUCI-FURR, 
but look at it my way.....
I had to draw the line from the beginning..... It was a matter of survival.
No stealing my food, No sniffing my butt, No sitting on Mom's lap EVER again, 
and every Toy in the house is MINE!
Even if you think possession of Toy is 9/10's of the Law, it's still MINE
and I have every right to approach and plunder.....And, You must RELEASE.
And, no whining to Mom.....
(SHhhhhh....You didn't hear it from ME, but Mick's the Ultimate Momma's Boy)
Suddenly, there was a new set of Laws in the house and they suited me just fine.
As long as you follow those rules, Brother, then all will be happy and peaceful......
Cross the line, and your white bread furr will be hanging from my teeth!
(I may seem PUSHY, but I have my RIGHTS)
Eventually, our best sibling moments actually came on our tandem walks.
We both loved the thrill of the outdoors, and the Call of the Wild.
On our treks, there was no Home Turf to defend, so we relaxed a little and finally had fun!
Noses to the ground and tails wagging, we followed the Sparky Squirrel trail,
Mom wearily dragging behind.....
Somewhere along the line, we formed a Truce and became a Team.
That's when home life became easier for all of us, 
and Mom breathed a huge sigh of relief.
And, my name went from Luci-Furr to Lu Lu Belle.
Of course, it also helped that about that time I FELL IN LOVE!
Yes, you remember, Mick has mentioned my Affaire with Guinness?
Our neighbor..... The Handsome, Salt and Pepper Grey, 
Hunky Husky with the longest Canine eyelashes EVER?
The moment I sniffed him through his white picket fence, I knew I was a goner.....
He had me at WOOF!
Suddenly, life was all Hearts and Flowers and even Mick couldn't ruin my good mood!!

Forget the Rules at your Peril.....Every Toy is still MINE!

Stay tuned for more of LUCY'S side of the story.....
Lu Lu Belle here.....Good Day!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

News Flash.....

Every morning, Mom and Dad hop out of bed,
make the coffee, take us out and grab the Newspaper from the front yard.
We kids would love it if they fed and walked us right then,
but instead they settle back under covers for what feels like HOURS of READING!
Being patient, obedient pups, we settle in too.....Kind Of.
Those papers are funny things, with lots of squiggles and pictures,
and we're not sure what they say..... but Mom and Dad seem very interested.
Sometimes they laugh, and sometimes they frown, and sometimes Dad just
throws it down on the bed, disgusted.....
But, there's always something to talk about (Especially the Denver Broncos!).
I've even seen photos of Canines and Cats inside (MY kind of story!).
When our patience has finally run thin, Lucy surfaces, 
gives that little low throaty growl of hers, 
and proceeds to stand on top of all that newsprint.
OK MOM!.....We're not messing around now..... 
News Flash.....It's time for our breakfast and a hike!
And, in case that message isn't clear enough, she gives those papers a little chew too!
Thanks Lucy, for bringing our parents back to Earth.
Current events can wait.....We have Canine surveillance to report!!!
Around the block, through the neighborhood, and up into the Foothills.....
Sharing a woof with all our dog neighbor friends.....
Keeping an eye on deer, bear, fox and squirrel.....
Marking our turf every 20 paces.....
Now, that's how WE spread the News.

If you want to speed up the process, pass a little Gas.
It will definitely get your morning message across.....

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Oh NO!......I see a WRINKLE,
right on the end of my Terrier nose!!
Looking in the back door glass, I see my life passing before me.
REALLY, can I be 7 years old (that's 49ish for you humans)
and halfway through my life??
It seems just yesterday that I was a footloose puppy,
frolicking through the grass, my only thoughts on kid kibble 
and a great place to pee.....
Tearing through the house near warp speed at Midnight,
with no signs of slowing down.....
Destroying the TV remotes daily,
And, chewing every shoe in sight 
(Dad's best Cole Hahns.....YIKES!.....What was I thinking??)
So, REALLY, has it come to this NOW?
Napping for hours on the sofa back.....
Serious stretching needed for even an "around the block" walk?
Often missing the grazing deer, just a few feet away?
My tummy grumbles at just the hint of a new food?
And, I need to pee constantly, anyplace will do.....
Dozens of rodent toys scattered around, but none really call to me??
And I can't remember where the HECK I left them, even if I was interested.
My pads are like the Sahara Desert, 
instead of the soft velvety paws of yesteryear.....
And, it seems I might be thinning a bit, right between my ears.

9 p.m. bedtime calls and I am definitely ready to turn it in.

They say this is normal, and just a part of joining the more mature
Senior Dog status, but I DON'T LIKE IT!!!
Facing my Canine mortality is something I'm WAY too young for.....

Wait.....What's that.....OUTSIDE.....
It's Sparky Squirrel scuttling about, ready to raid the bird feeder!
Arf, Arf, Arffff, Arf, ARFFFFF!!!
Well, that's a relief.....
Guess the old boy still has it.
Anyway, I've always heard..... 
The hearing is the last to go.

Eat simply, stay active, and ask Mom
to put a little Balm Bag on your paws.
Oh, and stay on top of Sparky.....
It's good for your brain.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

GO Broncos !!!

It's August, and my favorite time of year.....Football Pre Season!
My Dad and Brother are rabid about our Colorado team, 
and especially Mr. Manning.....
Suddenly, the TV is on again, and the Announcer's official voice fills our Home.
Orange and Blue are everywhere and those pretty gals are prancing around.
The Broncos White Stallion takes the field !!
(So exciting.....Just let me at him!.....Bark, Bark, Bark, Baark, BARRKKK)
But, the very best part is when we pull out the Wilson and start throwing it around!
Now our walks are not just ordinary strolls, but a chance to play CATCH!!!!!
Or, it would be catch if they'd just throw it to ME.....
Back and forth, back and forth, and WWAAAYY over my head, the ball goes flying.
Down the street we all run, Me leading the drive throw by throw......
I dodge and weave, jump and juke, trying to intercept.
But my Big Brother never throws my way or drops the ball.....
(I try not to take this too personally.....But, work with me, OK?
Sure, I don't have opposing thumbs, and my snout is a bit small to span the pigskin,
but HEY a guy can sure try, Right?? )
Even Lucy gets into the Game.....
She's the unofficial Ref, and snarls if there's a bad play.
(And she's especially bad tempered when we carry HER like the Ball)
Meanwhile, back on the leash, Mom is lurching to keep up.
Every 15 feet or so on the tether, I feel a yank and hear her screech.....SLOW DOWN!
It's a little rough on my neck, but I ignore the burn in pursuit of the Sport.
As they say, no one ever talks about the one who came in Second!
Hey Dad, HURRY - HURRY !!!
I'm OPEN..... Pass it to ME!

Keep your Sunday schedule free,
Cuz it's gonna be exciting!
Here we come!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zen Moments.....

I'm a Zen Master and Yoga Expert,
at least in my own mind.....
Each morning I hop off the bed
(Yes, my Mom is very open minded)
and immediately Assume the Pose.....
Downward Facing Dog.
While stretching out, I spend a little quiet time
thanking God and the Universe for my happy life.
Then, out the back door to commune with the early birds
and breathe deep of the cool, Colorado mountain air.
(Oh, and a little leg lift.....Otherwise known as Donkey Kick)
With full lungs, I send up my ritual praise.....
Bark, bark, Bark, Bark, BARK!!!!!
(So much for the meditative silence.)
Then, it's back to the kitchen for an all natural,
gluten free, high fiber breakfast snack.
Lips smacking, I saunter back into the bedroom 
for a longer series of Yoga positions.....
Chinese Happy Baby, Pigeon, Cat-Cow,
and my final favorite, right on top of Dad's pillow,
the Corpse pose!
AAaaaahhhhhhhhhh......Now this one, I could hold for HOURS!!!
To fully experience your morning Sun Salutation,
Clear your head of all distractions and focus on 
the Zen of your inner Dog.....
And perhaps Meditate.....on a great Snack!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

LIFE.....Roll with it OR Roll in it!

Life can get a little stressful at times.....
Your Sister steals your breakfast,
Your leash is too tight,
The neighbor Cat sits just a hair out of reach,
and leers at you with that teasing smile.....
You know the feeling? 
And it's a Monday, no matter what day it really is!
Some might want to crawl back into that cozy dog bed,
but for me there's a better antidote.....
Take a walk, find a great scented spot (read... wild, dead, poo)
And ROLL in it!
Ahhhh....the JOY of a good stink bath takes all the stress away.
I am left feeling cool, calm and centered again.....
Really, YOU should try it!
Completely Relaxing.
We Canines of this world just might be on to something!!
See you soon, rolling around the block.....
Be prepared.....A trip to the Groomer is most likely in the forecast.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Checkered Flags......

Sometimes our Living Room feels like a Daytona Speedway.....
Racing down the front hallway and careening off the sofas,
NASCAR has nothing on us!
When Mom's lacing up her sneakers,
getting ready for her morning run,
Lucy and I can barely contain ourselves.....
We warm up along with her, pouncing on each other like
a couple of young cats.....dart and weave, poke and feint.
Just egging each other on!
Soon, the snarls and teeth of course.....
And, all Holy H.....breaks out!!
Mom is shouting, "CUT IT OUT!", but by now it's too late.
Down the front hall stretch, me leading with Lu Lu drafting behind,
tearing the finish off the linoleum, we nearly reach warp speed!
Cutting close on the corners, clearing the coffee table with a bound,
and bouncing up to the sofa cushions, with a snappy finish!
Hey MOM, are you ready YET?!?
It's a BEAUTIFUL Colorado morning!
Out the door we both go, leashes taut behind us, and Mom
flailing to keep up.....
Start your Engines kids.....The TRUE Race has begun!!
As the saying goes,
Boogity, Boogity, BOOGITY!.....Let's go racin' Boys!
Maintain paw health for optimal traction.
A lower tail position benefits your Drafting technique.
If you know what's good for you.....Always let your Sister WIN!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Believe in Dog.....

I mean, God.
You might think that we Canines are without Faith,
But that just isn't true.....
We feel the call of our Creator, in every day and every way.
In the song of the birds, 
early Sunday morning.....
In the warmth of the sun on our backs, 
eyes closed and peaceful, patio snoozing.
In the friendly sniff of a neighbor dog friend.
In a joyful BARK..... just for the heck of it!
 When running free (almost) through a field of tall grass. 
When digging to China, in search of..... a treat.

In the ear rub Mom gives, every night before we dream.
We see God and we know Him.
And we know, without Hubris, that we are among his 
most amazing creations.....
We are pure God's LOVE.....In a Four Legged Body. 
Praise DOG.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's in a Name.....?

I've answered to a lot of names in my time......
Snowball, Lambchop,  Pee Wee, Dustmop.
My Dad always liked to call me Mo..........Ron.
Not sure about the double name, but it does have a ring.
And, I'm not that particular about what I'm called......Really.
I hear that certain tone in Mom's voice, 
and no matter what, I come running!
She's the one with the TREATS.
She wanted to name me Beau (Beautiful!),
Which does sort of rhyme with Mo.....
It could have worked.
But, she was unanimously voted down.....
"Beau" was a bit too.....Fluffy.

Now, I bet you'd like to know how I finally got
my true blue Forever Name.....
I admit for a Canine, it's a bit unusual,
especially when most of my Dog Pals are 
Rascal, Daisy or Spot.
And, I'm pretty proud of it, TRULY I am.
But sometimes, I yearn for a normal moniker.....
and wonder.....How did I get so dog gone..... 
Well, the story goes like this......
My Dad is a die hard Stones fan,
the kind who breaks out in furious Air Guitar
at the first hint of "Jumpin' Jack Flash".
Jagger and Kieth are his personal Heroes.
"Satisfaction" regularly screams through the house.....
That's the kind of family I adopted!
According to Mom, in the first days they brought me home,
there was lots of discussion on what to call this young pup.
Beau was a true contender, 
but it just didn't quite fit my maverick style.
Then, one evening in a moment of juvenile fatigue, 
I happened to yawn.....
My little pink tongue stretched out, and out and OUT!
8 inches unfurled, it was a wonder to the entire family.....
Apparently, I had the longest puppy tongue on record!!
That's when they got it.....I HAD to be Mick Wagger.
Namesake to the most famous tongue alive.....
A Stones wanna be, just like my Padre.
We all breathed a huge sigh of relief.....I finally had a name!

And that's the whole truth Folks 
(Well, mostly).
But sometimes, when I've done something especially..... brilliant,
my Dad still kind of likes to call me MO.....
And I know it's out of love, 
no matter what.
You see, I just can't get no
Come when you're called.....
No matter what your name, there's probably a treat at the end!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

10 Commandments of Squirrel Stalking.....

The stalking of squirrels is a time honored Blood Sport,
and one I learned early from my deceased brother Buster.
Though I'm full blood Terrier, and so predisposed to the finer Nose Arts,
there was much to learn in the tactical and vocal departments.....
He taught me very well!
Learning the BeoWolf trumpet, when chasing your prey, 
is a rite of passage for every rodent hunter.
Sparky Squirrel.....Here I come!

Below are my 10 Rules for the Squirrel Fight Club:

 The #1 Rule about Squirrel Fight Club is 
     We do NOT talk about Fight Club.....
 The Second Rule about Squirrel Fight Club is

Now that we have that out of the way:

#3 Maintain maximum aerobic fitness.....STAY BUFF for speed!
#4 Keep your eyes peeled at all times.....VIGILANCE is KEY!
#5 Stay low profile until the chase is on.....move in very S-L-O-W-L-Y.
#6 The fatter the squirrel, the easier (and TASTY!) the catch.
#7 Encourage Mom to set the bird feeder in a tactical position.
     Bird food is a great trap.....More bird food = fatter squirrel.
#8 Ninja moves DO NOT work on rodents.....stick with the Stalking Method.
#9 Don't let your prey get anywhere near a tree.....
     If you do, you've lost him!
     (In case you haven't noticed, we canines were not born to
     climb, or fly.....Trees are the DMZ for us)
#10 When, or IF, you are ever lucky enough to bag this game,
     DON'T LET GO !!! 
     (Squirrels, like cats,are nasty little snots and are known to have 9 lives!) 
Make sure to have lunch at home, cuz squirrel snacks may 
or may not be served......Sometimes, Sparky WINS!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stop and Smell the.....Dandelions

Lucy and I have a game we play all summer......
After a little morning jog, we look for a cool, shady patch of lawn,
pause, sniff, drop and.....ROLL!
Over and over, leash wrapped and crazy,
fresh grass on the belly and dandelions in our ears..... 
now that's our idea of chillin' !!
In the heat of the day and after a good workout, nothing feels better.
Pure moments of bliss.....
Before we head back to our daily squirrel security duties,
those seconds to sniff the blooms are the best of the day!
Summertime, and the livin' is easy.....AAaaahhhh.
When your summer day gets a little stressful, hot and sticky,
make sure to drop, ROLL, and smell!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feeling a bit green......

Have I mentioned that I have a sensitive stomach?
According to my Vet, it's a Terrier thing.....
About once a month, my tummy starts rolling,
I can't seem to get comfortable,
and I have this sudden urge to eat anything GREEN.
The gurgling starts and it's a 3 a.m. wake up call
for Mom and Dad.....
I hop off the bed (bed puking is frowned upon in this
establishment) and start ringing the bell that's
conveniently hung for this purpose.
Being perfect parents, they are just thrilled 
to walk me to the back door 
and stand in the mid night air,
while I scarf down huge chunks of grass, 
weeds and leaves.
A few minutes later, they drag me inside 
(way too soon)
and force a little pink tablet down my throat.....GAG!
Soon, I'm REALLY upset and URP!.....Up it all comes on the floor.
A little late night package for Mom!
But, I do feel better now.....
I'm horribly ashamed, of course, but what's a Terrier to do?
We've all tried to figure it out......
Is it stress, the wrong dog food, the heat?
I'm not sure.....OR, could it be?.....
That lovely little pile that our local Fox left curbside this morning??
Try to keep that little pink pill down.....It will help.
And, skip the Street Snax.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doggy Daddy Day !

This morning at sunrise, 
as birds began chirping and 
the cool Colorado light filtered 
through the curtains,
Lucy and I jumped on the bed and 
woke Dad with lots of sloppy kisses...
Right on his nose!
We had a special card, 
and a cartoon book 
about us Canines, 
that Mom had helped us pick out.
He was so happy and even had a couple tears in his eyes
as he opened our paw printed note.....
We brought him coffee and the Sunday paper,
then settled beside him for a little morning nap.
(Well, Lucy naps.....But, as you know, I'M always on the look out for Sparky!)
We'll stick close to his side all day long,
and remind him why we're the Best Kids in the World!
We love you Daddy!!!
Kiss YOUR Dad and
Have a Happy Daddy Doggy Day!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sometimes Bad Things Happen.....

Lucy and I live in Colorado Springs with our family.....
The past few days, something has not been right.
Hot, dry and very windy.....the sky is as dark as everyone's mood.
Our noses twitch at a heavy, odd and smokey scent.
Our humans speak in quick, hushed voices, and huddle around the TV.
FIRE.....A strange new word.
Everyone is shaking their head and looking scared.
I am scared too.....
I try to comfort Mom, and lay my head on her knee.
She lays her hand on my head, and looks into my eyes with great sadness.
What is happening to our world?
Who will save us?
How will this end?
Look out for each other.....
WE is all we have.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Let's Talk Trash!

We canines have a dirty little secret.....
Nothing makes us happier than digging in the trash.
Nose first and up to our eyeballs, 
we are happiest sniffing and scarfing our humans' waste!
Dogs have been refining these skills for thousands of years,
since we first began hanging with the humans around a campfire.
A post feast bone yard was every newly domesticated wolf's best treat.
And, not much has really changed since then.....
I know I can smell a leftover candy wrapper at 50 paces,
and Lucy.....well, Lucy is paws...itively bionic!
As I've mentioned, she can telepathically transport to food or
trash from anywhere in the compound in a millisecond.....
Plus, have it disposed of, in the same amount of time!
No crumb is too small for her.
And, we kids especially love it smelly......
The more odoriferous, the better!!
Rotten food, dead fish, fox poop.....Yuummm!!!
I had a Labrador brother once who disappeared for two days 
and was found in the Wendy's Hamburgers dumpster,
happily sucking down the old bacon grease.....
Now, that's a professional!
It took several bathtubs and half a gallon of Dawn dish soap
to clean up that guy .....or, so I've heard.
(I don't think he was ever let out of the house again.)
Well, it's been great day dreaming, but I gotta run.....
There's  a couple dustbins to patrol, 
and Lucy's already got a 30 second head start.....
Hey Lu Lu, save a scrap for ME!
Timing is everything.....Keep an ear cocked for the trash trucks.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dog Breath.....

Has any one ever told you that you have......
Bad Breath?
On one of those endless trips to the Vet, 
my doctor discussed canine oral health and 
dog tooth maintenance with Mom.
He gave her tasty samples for what we would need 
(Liver flavor...Yum!)
and a cute little blue brush.
He said West HIghland White Terriers 
have soft teeth, 
and keeping them Westie White is critical.
Mom listened carefully, took notes and thanked him 
for the important information.
She then brought it all home, put it in the cabinet, and conveniently forgot all about it.
Now, we kids aren't that crazy about being fussed over.....grooming, pills, vet etc.
So we're not exactly complaining about this.....
Still, when I'm on the family lap and I reach up 
to give a lick on the chin and my 
humans gag and pull away.....I can't help but take it a bit personal, ya know?
So, how do I tell Mom that a little brushing could really go a long way.....
For ALL of us?
It's tough to get the message across, and the one time I dragged the entire dental 
package out, I got scolded Big Time!
So, what's a responsible Terrier to do?
Perhaps when I go back for my $500 dental cleaning, Mom will get a clue.
But, in the meantime, I'm not thinking much about my breath right now.....
I'm pretty busy scarfing down a big hunk of choice deer poop.
MMmmmmm......Liver flavored!
A little lick on Mom's hand might be better than on the lips.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Neighbors.....

It's a Summer morning here at the compound.....
Birds singing, dogs barking, an occasional human calling.
Ahhh, a walk around the block, and the chance to catch up with
all of our friends and neighbors.....
Just across the street is our pal Ginger.
She's part pit bull, and a little loopy, but in a nice way.
Her yard is top notch, but for some reason she still has to jump fence, 
so we regularly find her on our own turf.....chasing her tail.
Half way down, there's German Shepherd Jack, 
a bit of a guard dog in every sense
but we LOVE to chat with him!
Woof, woof woof, Woof, WOOF!!!!!
(We're barking WITH him, not AT him)
I'm once again lunging on the leash and Lu Lu is doing
her little doggy pirouettes.....
Mom reins us in way too soon (OK Jack, we'll be BACK!) and off we go.
Further, there are the Bearded Collie twins, who race us full speed
down the length of their yard.....Great cardio!
Good thing there's a fence, or we'd be tumbling with those two.
They say a strong fence makes good neighbors.....
(Who's THEY.....have we met them? they live on our block??)
Then, there's Winston and Petey, who regularly wander the street
and patrol their quad looking for fun.
Good time party guys......You know the type.
Lots of smiles and happy times there!
Heading back the home stretch, Lucy has to stop off and sniff her boyfriend Guinness.
Guinny is a real nice Husky guy, a sweet talker and Lucy LOVES him!
(She's never sniffed MY tail that way)
He lives in the perfect Cape Cod Cottage with a white picket fence 
and lots of flowers which he regularly digs up.....
He has a huge corner yard with a great view, and he knows all the dogs in town.
He's totally eligible, worldly and smart......
All the girl dogs are crazy about him (a few boys too).
Not that it matters to Lucy.....
We have to drag her butt away from that dude, and head for the Ranch.
She's doing barrel rolls in the grass every other foot.....Young Love!
Almost there, I happen to glance to my left, across the street and under the 
Big Silver Truck.
Just on the chance......
Yep, there he sits, all fluffed up and pompous as a toad. 
My favorite orange Fat Cat.
Just daring me...........
Arf Arf Arf Arf Arf..... Arfffff !!!!!
Mom does a quick leash flip and lands me on my head.
I guess I'm ready for a little nap now.
Hot Dog!
Wag more, Bark less.....

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Belly Rubs.....

There's nothin' spells lovin' like a little tummy rubbin'.....
My favorite moment of the day when, 4 paws in the air,
I enter that Zen state and Mom does her best puppy massage!
My eyes close and I dream of a far off tropical island, light breezes, 
with piles of dog bones and hundreds of squirrels to chase.....
Chest, tummy, chest, tummy.....Hhmmmm......Don't Stop!
Hey Mom, could you get that little spot under the collar??
I'm in Heaven.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lucy the Land Shark.....

Lucy has a special way of looking at you when she thinks
she is hungry.....which is ALWAYS.
Coming really close (to let you know she's serious),
her beady eyes fixed on your face (or your plate),
you are caught in her intense doggy stare.
Low growls reinforce her message.
She moves in even closer.
There is no refusing Lucy......
Even Mom is hard pressed to resist.
(Though for some strange reason she's usually laughing at this point?)
Somehow, the Diva always gets her way, and I end up walking away from
my own well licked bowl (lucky I'm a fast eater!).
Lucy also has Radar ears.....
The second our humans are in the kitchen, she picks up the signal
and teleports to their feet.....
Dropped crumbs are sucked up lightening speed.
Her nose cruises every crack and cranny.
Nothing edible, not even lettuce, lasts long on that floor.
Her little pony tailed head is cocked so innocently.
But, Beware the Lucy Land Shark stare.....
("Jaws" bump, ba bump, ba bump)
You can't say No.
MICK'S TIP: Wolf down dinner and keep one eye open.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I had an itch.......

Right in the middle of my forehead!
Just when you've had a good groom and are feeling really Kool,
along comes a Tick to ruin the whole buzz.
Mine was a teenage Tick, they say, and no big deal......
But a long ride to the vet and a few pokes later,
I'm left wondering..... is it really safe to go out in the woods?
Were my deer friends responsible??
The vet says it's a big year for bugs, and I love a good grasshopper
as well as the next guy, but Ticks.....Yuck, that's where I draw the line!
They're calling me Tick Head.....Good Grief.
MICK'S TIPS: Stock up on the Frontline

Monday, May 20, 2013

Beauty.....And the Beast

Grooming day is something we all look forward to.....
There's nothing like a great haircut and
Lucy and I are so lucky to get regular salon attention!
Am I sounding a bit sarcastic?
Once a month, whether we want to or not (NOT!)
we are carted off to the groomers.....
where, like Sweeney Todd,
we endure fluffing within an inch of our life.
Endless hours of sudsing, brightening, trimming, clipping and brushing.
Teeth polished to gleaming.
Oh, and did I mention the Anal Gland treatment? YIKES!
We're mostly good sports, and this isn't our first Rodeo,
but some trips it's all I can do not to lift my lip........GRRRR.
Dog.....Contain thyself.
At the end of the "service", as a consolation prize, we are awarded
our monthly Scout Scarves.....Lucy gets girly colors and I mostly get blue.
We suspiciously smell of strawberries.....

When Mom picks us up, we prance out of the salon heads held high
and scarves bouncing on our backs.
We can't get to the curb or a hydrant soon enough......AAHHH!

Shave and a haircut.....
2 Bites.