Sunday, February 15, 2015

Who Do You Love.....?

Yesterday was Valentine's Day,
Day of hugs, love, and plenty of slobber Kisses!
All week, Lucy and I have been wearing our 
Heart print Scout Scarves.
(She loves hers.....I feel a little less macho in Pink)
Humans on the street thought we were SO cute!
All the fuss was kind of fun,
(Who doesn't like heart shaped dog cookies??)
But it also got me thinking......
What is Love to ME?
Sure, I love my neighbors, my sister, 
My family, my home.....
The deer I bark for, my favorite pee tree.
I love my couch, my bowl, my new Beef Hunk dinner loaf.
I loved Lamb Chop and a hundred other toys.
But who do I LOVE?
Who do I watch for end of day......?
Who do I follow in tireless circles.....?
Whose eyes do I yearn for.....?
Whose nose is my favorite lick spot?
Who's got my heart, 
and I've got hers?
I'll tell you Who...........MOM!
In a Word,
That's what Love means to Me.

Who you Love is Voodoo Magic.
It just is.

Listen to George Thorogood.
(Minus the Cobra necktie)
Now, Who do YOU Love.....??

Celebrate them every day,
And let them know 
with a Hearty Licking!