Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lucy the Land Shark.....

Lucy has a special way of looking at you when she thinks
she is hungry.....which is ALWAYS.
Coming really close (to let you know she's serious),
her beady eyes fixed on your face (or your plate),
you are caught in her intense doggy stare.
Low growls reinforce her message.
She moves in even closer.
There is no refusing Lucy......
Even Mom is hard pressed to resist.
(Though for some strange reason she's usually laughing at this point?)
Somehow, the Diva always gets her way, and I end up walking away from
my own well licked bowl (lucky I'm a fast eater!).
Lucy also has Radar ears.....
The second our humans are in the kitchen, she picks up the signal
and teleports to their feet.....
Dropped crumbs are sucked up lightening speed.
Her nose cruises every crack and cranny.
Nothing edible, not even lettuce, lasts long on that floor.
Her little pony tailed head is cocked so innocently.
But, Beware the Lucy Land Shark stare.....
("Jaws" bump, ba bump, ba bump)
You can't say No.
MICK'S TIP: Wolf down dinner and keep one eye open.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I had an itch.......

Right in the middle of my forehead!
Just when you've had a good groom and are feeling really Kool,
along comes a Tick to ruin the whole buzz.
Mine was a teenage Tick, they say, and no big deal......
But a long ride to the vet and a few pokes later,
I'm left wondering..... is it really safe to go out in the woods?
Were my deer friends responsible??
The vet says it's a big year for bugs, and I love a good grasshopper
as well as the next guy, but Ticks.....Yuck, that's where I draw the line!
They're calling me Tick Head.....Good Grief.
MICK'S TIPS: Stock up on the Frontline

Monday, May 20, 2013

Beauty.....And the Beast

Grooming day is something we all look forward to.....
There's nothing like a great haircut and
Lucy and I are so lucky to get regular salon attention!
Am I sounding a bit sarcastic?
Once a month, whether we want to or not (NOT!)
we are carted off to the groomers.....
where, like Sweeney Todd,
we endure fluffing within an inch of our life.
Endless hours of sudsing, brightening, trimming, clipping and brushing.
Teeth polished to gleaming.
Oh, and did I mention the Anal Gland treatment? YIKES!
We're mostly good sports, and this isn't our first Rodeo,
but some trips it's all I can do not to lift my lip........GRRRR.
Dog.....Contain thyself.
At the end of the "service", as a consolation prize, we are awarded
our monthly Scout Scarves.....Lucy gets girly colors and I mostly get blue.
We suspiciously smell of strawberries.....

When Mom picks us up, we prance out of the salon heads held high
and scarves bouncing on our backs.
We can't get to the curb or a hydrant soon enough......AAHHH!

Shave and a haircut.....
2 Bites.