Sunday, August 4, 2013

GO Broncos !!!

It's August, and my favorite time of year.....Football Pre Season!
My Dad and Brother are rabid about our Colorado team, 
and especially Mr. Manning.....
Suddenly, the TV is on again, and the Announcer's official voice fills our Home.
Orange and Blue are everywhere and those pretty gals are prancing around.
The Broncos White Stallion takes the field !!
(So exciting.....Just let me at him!.....Bark, Bark, Bark, Baark, BARRKKK)
But, the very best part is when we pull out the Wilson and start throwing it around!
Now our walks are not just ordinary strolls, but a chance to play CATCH!!!!!
Or, it would be catch if they'd just throw it to ME.....
Back and forth, back and forth, and WWAAAYY over my head, the ball goes flying.
Down the street we all run, Me leading the drive throw by throw......
I dodge and weave, jump and juke, trying to intercept.
But my Big Brother never throws my way or drops the ball.....
(I try not to take this too personally.....But, work with me, OK?
Sure, I don't have opposing thumbs, and my snout is a bit small to span the pigskin,
but HEY a guy can sure try, Right?? )
Even Lucy gets into the Game.....
She's the unofficial Ref, and snarls if there's a bad play.
(And she's especially bad tempered when we carry HER like the Ball)
Meanwhile, back on the leash, Mom is lurching to keep up.
Every 15 feet or so on the tether, I feel a yank and hear her screech.....SLOW DOWN!
It's a little rough on my neck, but I ignore the burn in pursuit of the Sport.
As they say, no one ever talks about the one who came in Second!
Hey Dad, HURRY - HURRY !!!
I'm OPEN..... Pass it to ME!

Keep your Sunday schedule free,
Cuz it's gonna be exciting!
Here we come!!!