Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Saving for a Rainy Day......

Lucy and I haven't had a long hike 
in over a week......
Something is different, and very WET, 
in our neck of the woods.
Colorado seems to be under water and the flood warnings are everywhere.
The rain just keeps on coming, with no end in sight, and we kids are getting really BORED!
(And, we all know a bored Terrier 
is a BAD combination!!)
Mom runs us out quickly under umbrella 
for our potty breaks,
and we come back looking bedraggled 
and sadly Soggy Doggy.
Even Sparky has disappeared.....
Probably hiding out in the high Ponderosa 
with his stash of Sunflower seeds,
stolen from our Sunflower garden earlier last week.
Now, HE had the right idea.....
I guess We ALL need to be planning
for the next rainy day!
Stay safe Friends!!

It might be prudent to stash a Snack or two under 
your bed for the next big deluge......
And, maybe a well seasoned Sparky..... if you can catch him!