Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sun Kissed.....

This week,
I dreamt I was in Paradise.
On a Winter's day,
Front door open
and Sun streaming in
Through security glass,
The entryway can reach
a very balmy 85 degrees.
Mid morning, after my workout
and local wildlife administration,
I so enjoy a little Sun Kissed snooze.
Delightful to let your cares slip away
In a tropical heat wave!
Surf is pounding, parrots calling
Wind ruffles my bleached out whiskers.
I smell satay on a stick
And the Vendors are calling my name.....
Children are laughing, Perros are yipping,
Nothing to do but soak it all in.
Just another day on Paradise Beach.
Maybe it's time for a little chips and salsa.....

Savor the moment Kids.....
Real life is back in a flash,
Your Sister chasing your tail
And UPS at the door.
Paradise can't last,
But your Dreams do.....