Sunday, June 22, 2014

Passion Play ......

My Little Sister Lucy 
is a passionate pooch,
and She takes her feelings 
VERY seriously......
Her every emotion is nuclear,
and you could say she wears 
her heart on her sleeve.....
(If she had one...sleeve I mean)
From the moment She first arrived, 
She made her opinions known,
and it didn't matter a bit 
if they differed from mine.....
My days as Alpha Pup
had come to an end!
If She wanted attention.....
She spoke UP.....AAARRFFFF!
When She wanted fed.....
She hunkered down with that serious stare 
and a low no nonsense growl.
Time for a block walk?.....
Mom's shins were scratched and nipped,
until the leashes finally came out.
When She envied my favorite toy 
Lamb Chop.....Whoooshh.....
Suddenly LC was in HER mouth!
Primo spot on the bed.....Yup, you guessed it.....HERS!!!
There's no reasoning with Lucy.....It's Her way, or the Highway.
And, if I want something, She's bound and determined to want it MORE.
That's my new reality.
It's hard for me to understand sometimes,
But I have to admire her fanatical focus.....
The Girl knows what She wants and She goes after it!

YOU decide.
But, you've got to hand it to her.....
She's pretty hard to IGNORE !

Don't get too attached to that comfy spot on the sofa,
Or your snuggly Zebra toy.
And stay out of her way when the Moon is Full.......