Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wealth Management......

I have rich friends,
and I have poor friends......
I love them all, 
and when we go out to play,
it's hard to tell who is who.....
We all just get along.
The Park is a great equalizer!
Some live in huge houses, 
with special fences 
and real time doggie doors.
Their beds are imported goose down, and their dog food is organic.
Their collars have a special 
paw print logo embroidered on them.
Their toys come from an upscale boutique, just for us Kids, down the street.......
These Pups have the life!
Some of my friends live more simply......
But, they're not whining or unhappy.
Often, they have the very best adventures!
(And, they sure do know how to tree a Squirrel!!)
I kind of think we need us all in this world.....
The strutters and the scrappers.
Some are meant to sit back and enjoy life,
and others are meant to ask questions and push the boundaries.
Some are happy and comfortable where they are,
Some will forever look for adventure, and answers.
Some are content.....Some are restless. 
Some are curious.....Some are wise.
Each is on his path of life...... 
Each has something special to offer when the pack gathers.
The important thing, REALLY, is how we all PLAY together!
At the Social Park, we're all in the Mix.
Butt sniffs are standard..... So are lifted legs.....
A few snarls..... Mostly excited Yips!
Soon, a pack of us is racing down the trail,
 like a South American Soccer Team in pursuit of a winning goal.
This is JOY in it's purest form......This is definition of Dogdom!
Who CARES what kind of percale dog bed might be your birthright?
I'm drooling right along side my Brother! 
Likewise, at Midnight, when the Fox, Coyote, Bear and Lion stalk, 
does anyone ask whose dog voice howls in protest?
No......We are Universal.....WE ARE ONE.....And, we have each others back!
Aooooooo, AAoooooo, AAOOooooooo !!!
A symphony of voices fills the still, dark air.
Begone Wild Ones! 
You can't stand up to all of US!! 
These are the Kids that have my back.....
And that security spells true wealth.

(All this, and of course Mom's warm lap at the end of the day.)

Forget what treats you may or may not have.....
Remember, in the dark of night, it's all about having each other.
I'm pretty sure that's what the Doggie Lamma would say......