Sunday, March 2, 2014


One day not long ago, my Mom just disappeared......
(So did Dad too, 
but we can live with that)
It happened in the dark of night, way before the birds start singing.
Our human brother showed up at the door (he's been gone for months too)
and helped with those big bulgy boxes rolling about.
The car was running with lights on.
Hushed voices whispered last minute instructions.....
Lucy and I sat dumbstruck, not believing our eyes.....
They're LEAVING??!??
Our ears were back and sadness was creeping in by the minute.
Mom came over for one last snuggle, and tried to comfort me.....
"Don't worry sweetheart, we'll be back soon. Love you, Be good!"
And then.......... They were gone.
Now, I'm a smart Pup, but I can't tell time and I don't know what "soon" is.....
Our brother fed us, walked us, slept with us.....but, it wasn't the same.
For a LONG time.....
I've got to admit, I was one depressed Pup.
This was no vacation for us.
Even LambChop couldn't console me, and Lucy quit carrying Lion too.
We stood....sad sentinels..... on the sofa back, watching the window all day long,
and wondering..... was our Mom EVER coming home?