Sunday, August 11, 2013


Oh NO!......I see a WRINKLE,
right on the end of my Terrier nose!!
Looking in the back door glass, I see my life passing before me.
REALLY, can I be 7 years old (that's 49ish for you humans)
and halfway through my life??
It seems just yesterday that I was a footloose puppy,
frolicking through the grass, my only thoughts on kid kibble 
and a great place to pee.....
Tearing through the house near warp speed at Midnight,
with no signs of slowing down.....
Destroying the TV remotes daily,
And, chewing every shoe in sight 
(Dad's best Cole Hahns.....YIKES!.....What was I thinking??)
So, REALLY, has it come to this NOW?
Napping for hours on the sofa back.....
Serious stretching needed for even an "around the block" walk?
Often missing the grazing deer, just a few feet away?
My tummy grumbles at just the hint of a new food?
And, I need to pee constantly, anyplace will do.....
Dozens of rodent toys scattered around, but none really call to me??
And I can't remember where the HECK I left them, even if I was interested.
My pads are like the Sahara Desert, 
instead of the soft velvety paws of yesteryear.....
And, it seems I might be thinning a bit, right between my ears.

9 p.m. bedtime calls and I am definitely ready to turn it in.

They say this is normal, and just a part of joining the more mature
Senior Dog status, but I DON'T LIKE IT!!!
Facing my Canine mortality is something I'm WAY too young for.....

Wait.....What's that.....OUTSIDE.....
It's Sparky Squirrel scuttling about, ready to raid the bird feeder!
Arf, Arf, Arffff, Arf, ARFFFFF!!!
Well, that's a relief.....
Guess the old boy still has it.
Anyway, I've always heard..... 
The hearing is the last to go.

Eat simply, stay active, and ask Mom
to put a little Balm Bag on your paws.
Oh, and stay on top of Sparky.....
It's good for your brain.