Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zen Moments.....

I'm a Zen Master and Yoga Expert,
at least in my own mind.....
Each morning I hop off the bed
(Yes, my Mom is very open minded)
and immediately Assume the Pose.....
Downward Facing Dog.
While stretching out, I spend a little quiet time
thanking God and the Universe for my happy life.
Then, out the back door to commune with the early birds
and breathe deep of the cool, Colorado mountain air.
(Oh, and a little leg lift.....Otherwise known as Donkey Kick)
With full lungs, I send up my ritual praise.....
Bark, bark, Bark, Bark, BARK!!!!!
(So much for the meditative silence.)
Then, it's back to the kitchen for an all natural,
gluten free, high fiber breakfast snack.
Lips smacking, I saunter back into the bedroom 
for a longer series of Yoga positions.....
Chinese Happy Baby, Pigeon, Cat-Cow,
and my final favorite, right on top of Dad's pillow,
the Corpse pose!
AAaaaahhhhhhhhhh......Now this one, I could hold for HOURS!!!
To fully experience your morning Sun Salutation,
Clear your head of all distractions and focus on 
the Zen of your inner Dog.....
And perhaps Meditate.....on a great Snack!