Sunday, March 22, 2015

Forever Friends......

Lucy and I have many Friends,
From fellow Westie Duffy
Down the street,
To siblings Winston and Petey,
Who winter in Scottsdale
But are here all Summer to street play.
Many we see from afar,
Walking with their Folks 
Past our yard.
But some we actually get 
Nose to Nose with!
Rumor has it there's even a couple 
New Kids on the Block.....
Cavalier Puppies.
Young Kids.
We're not allowed to see them yet!
There are Block friends, Park friends,
even Dogbook Friends.....
We love them all, in different ways,
Though it's pretty much Agape Love
(Because you know we're neutered)
Except for one Kid.....Guinness.
Lucy's True Blue Boyfriend
and who was a hunky Husky
With the longest eyelashes
You've ever seen on a Canine.
Lucy was crazy for Him,
and flirted whenever she'd pass.
Geeez.....Young Love.
I say WAS because Mom says Guinness
Passed over the Rainbow Bridge last week.
Lucy doesn't know yet.
She keeps looking for him.
Not sure how to break THAT news.....
Then, there are the Bearded Collie Twins.
Daily, we'd all race down their fence line,
In dizzy bursts of Joyful speed.
Mom says they moved away.....Wow.
Having Friends is a tough thing sometimes.
You share block walk mornings,
You sniff butt in that special way,
You bark greetings and pee on favorite rocks.
You look forward to seeing them.
Then, one day, you lose them.....
Never to be seen again.
I guess that's how Life is.
The risk of loving someone.....
Good thing I have Lucy.
No love lost there.

Never stop loving your Friends.
They are the closest thing to Heaven
We've got in this Dog Eat Dog World.
Let them know you care.....
Because one day, sadly, they might not be there.