Monday, June 1, 2015

Reduced Rations.......

Ever since my Birthday,
I've been living the High Life.....
Eating every kibble in my bowl,
Drinking double time,
Grazing the neighborhood street buffet,
Snapping up each wayward bite.
It's been a Party, a Celebration!
And I've enjoyed every Scrap!!
But lately, my collar's been feeling a touch snug.
My tummy has a couple extra rolls.
And Mom has been calling me "Fluffy".
Just because these days I'm a little 
Broad Around the Belly,
Chunky, Husky, Filled Out, "GORDO"?
Does that mean a Guy's FAT?!?!?
Guess you could say,
I've been in Denial.....
I check out those sleek Vizslas next door,
Bounding about with limitless spring and energy,
and I realize..... I've let myself Go.
Sure, as a Westie, 
I've probably got a different Metabolism.
I'm built Stocky.
I'm never going to be 2' 2" 
Long legged and Svelte.
But, that's no excuse to be Obese!
The Vet told Mom that my 27 lb girth HAS to GO.
The mark for my breed is 24 or less.
OK, that's a healthy 13% drop.
Good for my heart.
Plus, I can fit into my cute little t-shirts again.
Suddenly, my bowl is filled with carrots, apple and GREEN BEANS.....
Where is the yummy Salmon kibble, the Rice, the SWEET POTATO?
Where are those fabulous Paul Newman Organic Snax??
Mom says it's just for a couple weeks.....
Sounds like Eternity to Me.

When you're Living it up and Sucking it all down,
Remember..... Down the road..... There's a Price to Pay!
Unless, of course, you're GOOD with GORDO.

BTW, Your Sister is probably glad to chow down your beans.
Always a Silver Lining......