Sunday, February 23, 2014


There's a new love in my life.....
And her name is.....LambChop.
Mom brought her home from 
the grocery yesterday
and I was instantly smitten!
Lucy, of course, wanted to be her 
new Best Friend,
but a little snarl from me 
set Lucy straight.....
LambChop is MY Girl!!!
My Girl doesn't bark or bite at me.
She doesn't push me around 
or steal my stuff.
She just winks her dark lashes at me 
and quietly waits 
while I tear out her stuffing 
and nibble on her soft red paws.
Her squeakers are gone now
(Mom always confiscates those!)
but there's something comforting about
her complete and accepting silence.....
It's wonderful to have a friend who knows me so well.
As I drag her into my dark canine cave,
I thank Dog for True Love!
(Lucy, Stand Back!!!)

Don't leave your Girl lying around.....
Some opportunist is always ready to pounce!
Treat her with respect and care, 
and you'll share many months of Joy!!
(LambChop......Will you marry me?!?!)