Sunday, September 8, 2013

There were 4 in the Bed, and the Little One Said.....

Have I mentioned that my Mom is a real pushover?
My friends tell different stories, but at our house the BED is open territory.....
(Actually, for that matter, so are the sofa, chairs and coffee table!)
From the time I was a Pup, I got to snuggle under the covers.
It probably helped that I was a neat guy and got the hang of potty training early on.....
Also, we Westies don't shed, and we see the inside of the Pet Pawlor Salon often, 
so overall Mom's pretty tolerant.
Of course, Lucy and I have been known to cross the line.....
Pine cones are frowned upon at this establishment, as are most all outdoor toys
and snax of any kind..... Ditto dead rodents.....But, we sometimes can't resist.
I just love the king size pillows, and commandeer the Alpha spot on Top any chance I get!
Lucy is a burrower, and loves the bottom depths at our parents feet.
That division of territory works out pretty well most of the time.....
We try stick to our opposite corners.
That is, until Lucy surfaces and thinks that Mom is HER personal pillow.
That's when the Midnight snarling begins!
And that's when Dad, The Strong Arm, gets one of us in a choke hold
and we're in isolation for the rest of the evening.
So, have I mentioned that Mom is literally a pushover?
By 2 a.m., Lucy and I have switched places several times,
and in response Mom has migrated a few times too.
One night we were all so tight to the edge that I fell off.....
Thunk!.....OUCH, that hurt!!
Mom groaned, Lucy laughed hysterically,
I limped out to the couch 
and everyone sleepily rolled over.
There were 3 in the bed, 
and the little one said.....


Resist the temptation to drag 
your stuffed Squirrel to bed.....
Mom's not thrilled 
when she opens her morning eyes 
and soggy dead fur 
is the first thing she sees!
Such choices put the Whammy 
on future bed privilege.....