Sunday, February 22, 2015


Last Fall, 
Something really scary 
and awful happened.....
It's only now that I can bear to remember.
It was a beautiful, 
golden Colorado morning
And Mom and I were nearly home 
from our morning jaunt.
Flushed, happy, endorphins pumping,
We rounded the corner towards home.....
Suddenly, I heard a deep snarl, 
saw a streak of Shepherd fur, 
and found myself pinned to the ground 
In a nano second.
Mom was kicking and hollering above me, 
But the choke hold continued,  
I couldn't breath
And the light was dimming.....
Jaws were locked on my neck
And my whole body was shaken 
Like the Dog Toy I'd become.......
My World felt like the inside of a
Maytag washing machine.
The shouting and snarling continued.
My life was flashing before me.
Goodbye Mom.
I love You.
It's been A Wonderful Life.
Give my toys to Lucy.
And THEN,  I was released.....
The 130 lbs of Fury was dragged off me,
Still twisting, snarling, snapping.
Mom was breathing hard,
(Or hardly breathing).
I jumped up, 
Glad to have 4 paws on the ground again!
I headed down the block 
as fast as my short Terrier legs could take me,
Towards home.
Once inside, I took stock.....
Paws check.
Tail, check.
Ears, OK.
There was a necklace of pain
Wrapping my throat.
Blood was now dripping on my paw.
I was one sorry Westie!
Mom's on the phone......
"Bring him right in.....", they say.
So, to add insult to injury that day,
I'm headed to the VET.
(It's common knowledge how I feel about THAT)
Several shots later, my wounds are salved
And I'm back on the couch.
Wondering if I'll ever be able to walk down
That block again.
But, I'm counting my Blessings.
It could have been so much worse.......
I just hate to think of Lucy messing with my toys!

I could say, NEVER trust a German Shepherd.
Their Bite is definitely Worse than their Bark.
But, that would be contrary to my democratic soul.
Not every Shepherd is a biter.
Each must be judged on their own merit.
Still, it makes sense to keep your Westie eyes open.....
Perhaps pick a different block?