Sunday, March 30, 2014

Birthday Boy......

Last Friday was my birthday......
Or, so Mom says.
March 28.....
Apparently, a very important date for her.
Because, she had been mentioning it 
ALL week.
Now, I'm not one for tracking holidays,
(unlike a swift ground squirrel for instance!)
and it sort of snuck up on me,
but I sure do LOVE all the treats that go with Birthdays!!!
So, I was really looking forward to the FUN!
Mom said this was a big one, 
because I turned 8
and she says I'm now on the Back Nine.....
(Whatever THAT means?)
So, suddenly on Friday afternoon, 
our kitchen was filled with balloons, 
bows, party hats, and the savory 
bacon smell of dog treats (my FAVORITE kind!)
We even had cupcakes (banana flavor with purple yogurt icing!)
WOW, this is the LIFE!!!
The entire family (Lucy too, unfortunately) gathered in the kitchen
and there were treats EVERYWHERE.
My taste buds were in overload.
Liver, fish, bacon, cheese.....
Then, the presents came out, wrapped in colorful bags 
that I could really sink my teeth into!
There was a Camo T-shirt (unfortunately too small....could it be the treats?)
an Elephant tug toy from Dad,
and a really great purple Monkey from my Human Brother and his Girl.
I quickly forgot the pupperoni stix for a good shake of that Monkey.
I named him Cheech.....It has a ring to it, don't you think??
Mom and Dad had a good laugh at that.
We ALL had a wonderful time, and even Lucy was smiling
(Which, of course, why NOT.....
she's sucking down MY great treats.....
And sneaking off with MY new toys.....
But, I was determined to be good sport.....I'm MATURE now)
Later,I settled down for a wonderful snooze,
and though my tummy was gurgling a bit more than usual,
All in All, it was a Banner Day!!!
They say it's my Birthday.....Da, da, da, da, da.....da.

Make every day a treat.....
You never know when you might hit the 18th Hole.