Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fear of Needles!

Last week, Mom leashed me up, 
loaded me in the car, 
and trucked me off in a hurry.....
Lucy was NOT 
along for the ride.....YEAH!
Heading for the wild west foothills,
my heart was feeling the thrill 
of the Open Road.
Window down, Wind in my face, 
Adventures awaiting.....
Mom made a different right turn
and I knew Play 
was no longer in my future.
She took the turn that meant only one thing.....
OK, I'm a big boy.
I have broad Westie shoulders and can take this in stride.
Easy now.....Breath deep.....No reason to Panic.....
They are nice folks there, and I always get a treat.
Which is NOT quite as great to look forward to as 
Gopher chasing in the field,
but it's a consolation prize of sorts.
Maybe I'll get two?
SO, in we go, and we register and they weigh me
and I was down about 3 oz. 
(which is a tribute to Mom starving me at every meal)
and KJ said WHAT a good boy I was for staying so slim.
Well, I'm feeling better after that!
Then, we go into the examining room......
Where we wait a LONG time.
I pace and pant and jump on Mom 
and basically revert to my bad Puppy habits.
(I'm pretty nervous.....Don't tell my Trainer)
Finally, my favorite Doctor comes in with his Nurse,
and they talk all sweet and give me the treats (Yup, two!)
and I get reviewed from stem to stern......
Eyes, check.
Ears, check.
Body, check.
Butt.....Now, wait a minute!.....A Guy's got his dignity!!!
And, after some poking and prodding, All seems fine.....
Now, for the SHOTS.....OMG..... I HATE this part!
I try to hide.
Suddenly, I see more treats coming my way.....YUUUUMMMM.
Thanks Nurse Brandy.....Huh?.....All Done!?..... OK.....Not so Bad.
We head straight home, and Mom leaves me for a neat little nap on the couch.
She drives away to run errands, and I drift off.
An hour later, she's home and I jump up to see her.......
WHOOOOOOOOO.....Do I feel Whoosey!
Yikes!!.....My eyes won't focus and I can't feel my tongue.
Every part of my body aches, but especially the scruff of my neck.
I have a headache like Woody Woodpecker is pounding to China above my brow.
Something Is Not Right!!!
I'm dazed and drifting, but can hear her on the phone.....
She's talking to the Nurse.
OK, she says, OK.
Next thing I know, she's forcing a little clear pill down my throat and I hear......
Oh No.....Was I a bad boy, and this is my PUNISHMENT??
Double Yikes.....I would have turned on more charm, had I known?
I haven't felt this bad since I sucked down the green Fox poo......
Now, THAT was a bad day!
But, Mom scoops me up and hugs me 
and says I'm a Good Boy..... not to worry.....
and I fall asleep in her arms.
When I wake up later, it's dinnertime, 
Yaaawwwnnn,  and I feel Muuuuccchhh better.
Whew!.....That was a close one!!!
Good thing I'm a big, strong Westie at the Top of my Game.
Even so.....
Hopefully, we won't be making that tricky right turn again anytime soon!

When You're at the Vet, keep your eye on the Needles.
Don't be a sucker for the treats.....
The Sticker Shock is NOT worth it!