Thursday, March 27, 2014

TV Hero.....

No matter where I am,
when the TV starts Barking, 
I'm there in a flash!
(Ditto..... Meows, Squeaks, Clucks,
Snarls, Growls or Hisses)
Humans are constantly 
floating on the TV,
and I'm just not impressed.
But, let anything with 4 legs 
( 3, 8 or 100 for that matter)
appear on the screen.....
(Even cartoon animals 
send me spinning.....
Let me at that Wiley Coyote!!!)
Forgive my Hyper Focus, 
but I take this assignment very seriously.....
It is MY job to protect Mom and the entire Family.
I won't have that wayward Canine taking over our house, 
with his whines, barks, running and JUMPING.....Into the Living Room!
I HURL myself against the TV full force, 
Lucy close behind, as we Tag Team the Interlopers! 
Soon the house is filled with our Security Howls.....
Boy, does that feel better, and suddenly Fido is GONE.
For the Moment.
But, He'll be back.
(I stake my reputation on it!)
It's curious...... 
Mom must feel super anxious with those strange animals around,
because she's usually screaming at the top of her lungs......
Don't worry Mom......Mick to the Rescue!
Bark, Bark, Barrrk,BBAaarrrkk, BAARRKKK!!!
Suddenly the screen goes Black??
Guess that Rover wisely gave up.....
Mission Accomplished.
It's amazing what a guy can do when he REALLY puts the WHAMMY on it!

Claim the sofa spot closest to the TV for best surveillance and vigilance.....
Mom will thank you for it!
And, if you need reinforcements,
ACME has some really neat products.