Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween High.....

So, I'm just now surfacing from a couple of crazy weeks.....
Suddenly, there was a lot of extra Orange and Black around our house.
Pumpkins appeared everywhere..... 
(Sparky ate the entire porch pumpkin in less than a week.....
That's one giant squirrel belly ache!)
And, Mom mysteriously stopped cleaning the resident spider webs.
Lucy and I were carefully fitted for our special costumes.....
We were both prisoners in striped pajamas, with our crimes printed on our backs.
Lucy was labeled a "Sock Stealer", 
and I.....Errr..... "Eat Deer Poop".
(Now, how could that be against the law?)
Mom and Dad had funny clothes too, and kept calling each other
Bonnie or Clyde.....Both carried long brown plastic sticks.
Their ratta- tat- tat sounds made us jumpy and we Kids barked a LOT!
The best part of this time, though, was the wonderful smell of chocolate in the air.....
Mom has said a hundred times that we can't have this treat, 
but a Guy can sure still hope.....
On the big night, we had a barking extravaganza!
Kids came to our door, rang the bell, and showed us their crazy clothes.
My favorites were the Ghouls.....Lucy liked the Princesses.
Arf, Arf, ARf, ARf.......ARFFFF!!!!!
Mom had a huge bowl of that wonderful chocolate stuff, and the Human Kids all got
to take it away with them, stuffing their huge orange bags.....
(Lucy and I were pretty disappointed to see it go.)
At the end of the evening, we both got an extra dog bone and it was time for bed.
I dug way under the covers and waited to pounce on Lucy.......Shhhh!
Arf, Arf, ARf, ARf.....ARFFFFF!!!!!
AHHhhhh.....I LOVE tricking that girl.