Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's in a Name.....?

I've answered to a lot of names in my time......
Snowball, Lambchop,  Pee Wee, Dustmop.
My Dad always liked to call me Mo..........Ron.
Not sure about the double name, but it does have a ring.
And, I'm not that particular about what I'm called......Really.
I hear that certain tone in Mom's voice, 
and no matter what, I come running!
She's the one with the TREATS.
She wanted to name me Beau (Beautiful!),
Which does sort of rhyme with Mo.....
It could have worked.
But, she was unanimously voted down.....
"Beau" was a bit too.....Fluffy.

Now, I bet you'd like to know how I finally got
my true blue Forever Name.....
I admit for a Canine, it's a bit unusual,
especially when most of my Dog Pals are 
Rascal, Daisy or Spot.
And, I'm pretty proud of it, TRULY I am.
But sometimes, I yearn for a normal moniker.....
and wonder.....How did I get so dog gone..... 
Well, the story goes like this......
My Dad is a die hard Stones fan,
the kind who breaks out in furious Air Guitar
at the first hint of "Jumpin' Jack Flash".
Jagger and Kieth are his personal Heroes.
"Satisfaction" regularly screams through the house.....
That's the kind of family I adopted!
According to Mom, in the first days they brought me home,
there was lots of discussion on what to call this young pup.
Beau was a true contender, 
but it just didn't quite fit my maverick style.
Then, one evening in a moment of juvenile fatigue, 
I happened to yawn.....
My little pink tongue stretched out, and out and OUT!
8 inches unfurled, it was a wonder to the entire family.....
Apparently, I had the longest puppy tongue on record!!
That's when they got it.....I HAD to be Mick Wagger.
Namesake to the most famous tongue alive.....
A Stones wanna be, just like my Padre.
We all breathed a huge sigh of relief.....I finally had a name!

And that's the whole truth Folks 
(Well, mostly).
But sometimes, when I've done something especially..... brilliant,
my Dad still kind of likes to call me MO.....
And I know it's out of love, 
no matter what.
You see, I just can't get no
Come when you're called.....
No matter what your name, there's probably a treat at the end!