Sunday, April 19, 2015

Launch Pad......

Springtime has come to 
Our corner of the World.....
Birds sing, grass is greener, 
Days are warmer, windows open,
AND, dog walkers are suddenly Everywhere!
Lucy and I hit the streets ourselves, 
At least once a day.
Got to stay in shape!
But we're inside dogs.....
(We wish it were different)
No fenced yard for Us!
SO, most of our daily surveillance 
Happens from the back of the couch.
Such a great perch.....
And, VERY little gets past our Attention!
Humans, Canines, Birds, Bikes, Postal.....
Arrf, Aarrfff, AAARRFFFFF!
It's a talent all right, 
To be snoozing peacefully,
While patrolling the entire neighborhood
With ear cocked and one eye open!
At the slightest noise, 
Lucy and I JET off the couch and down the hall,
Giving virtual chase to any interloper lurking outside.
Bark, Baarrkkk, BaArRkK, BARK, BAAARRRKKK!
Whew! That was a close one!!!
Almost missed them......
Yup, Vigilance is KEY!
There is a constant parade of dogs and their humans past our home,
And somebody's got to Administrate.....
We Westies gladly take up the challenge!
My most favorite time to Watchdog is during the Evening News.
Mom is settled into her chair, dinner's cooking, all those great Doggie
TV commercials are streaming by, and I am cozy on Mom's lap.
Suddenly, in a millisecond, there's a squeak outside and I have 
LAUNCHED off Mom's lap, claws out, teeth bared, 
and headed straight arrow for the front door.
Lucy is yapping close behind.
Mom is hollering for us to STOP!!!!!!
And she's rubbing her leg like something hurts.
Hmmm......Is she OK?
I come running back and give her thigh a quick sniff.
Do I smell a bruise?
I climb up to her lap, my favorite Launch Pad, and settle back to nap.
Just another day on the job.....

You know,
Come to think of it......
I haven't seen Mom wear short shorts
in a long, long time.

Keep an eye on strangers,
But be gentle on the ones you love.