Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And Now You know.....The Rest of the Story!

Hey Pup Fans.....Lucy (aka Lu Lu Belle) here.
My brother, Mick Wagger, has been monopolizing this story board for months,
and I figured it was my turn to speak up (or is that Arf up?) .....
And, kind of set the record straight, you know?
As you probably read early on, I was a late comer to this family.
Mick, being an only kid and BELOVED, was not exactly ecstatic at my arrival.
The tension in the air when I first walked in that house was THICK.
He wanted to rip my furr out, but instead sat there looking all sweet and innocent.
Mom was fooled.....She thought we'd be instant Pals.....But, I knew different!
SO, as any smart Underdog would, I went on the defensive.....
The minute he went Alpha,
I ripped his furr out first, and drew a little blood along with it!!
So, maybe you think I deserved my new nickname, LUCI-FURR, 
but look at it my way.....
I had to draw the line from the beginning..... It was a matter of survival.
No stealing my food, No sniffing my butt, No sitting on Mom's lap EVER again, 
and every Toy in the house is MINE!
Even if you think possession of Toy is 9/10's of the Law, it's still MINE
and I have every right to approach and plunder.....And, You must RELEASE.
And, no whining to Mom.....
(SHhhhhh....You didn't hear it from ME, but Mick's the Ultimate Momma's Boy)
Suddenly, there was a new set of Laws in the house and they suited me just fine.
As long as you follow those rules, Brother, then all will be happy and peaceful......
Cross the line, and your white bread furr will be hanging from my teeth!
(I may seem PUSHY, but I have my RIGHTS)
Eventually, our best sibling moments actually came on our tandem walks.
We both loved the thrill of the outdoors, and the Call of the Wild.
On our treks, there was no Home Turf to defend, so we relaxed a little and finally had fun!
Noses to the ground and tails wagging, we followed the Sparky Squirrel trail,
Mom wearily dragging behind.....
Somewhere along the line, we formed a Truce and became a Team.
That's when home life became easier for all of us, 
and Mom breathed a huge sigh of relief.
And, my name went from Luci-Furr to Lu Lu Belle.
Of course, it also helped that about that time I FELL IN LOVE!
Yes, you remember, Mick has mentioned my Affaire with Guinness?
Our neighbor..... The Handsome, Salt and Pepper Grey, 
Hunky Husky with the longest Canine eyelashes EVER?
The moment I sniffed him through his white picket fence, I knew I was a goner.....
He had me at WOOF!
Suddenly, life was all Hearts and Flowers and even Mick couldn't ruin my good mood!!

Forget the Rules at your Peril.....Every Toy is still MINE!

Stay tuned for more of LUCY'S side of the story.....
Lu Lu Belle here.....Good Day!