Sunday, June 15, 2014

Giant Ice Balls from Mars.......

So.....You won't believe what happened a couple weeks ago!
Mom put me on the leash tie out for my afternoon relief.....
and somehow forgot me?
It had been a lovely day.....Typical Colorado blue skies and light wind.
VERY comfy temps for loafing around on the pink patio cement.
But that afternoon, 
the weather got really weird.
Suddenly, the wind started up 
and the clouds began boiling.
There was a spit of rain, and then the strangest thing.....
HUGE ice chunks began to fall from the sky!
Hundreds of them, 
like a horde of angry wasps!!
In seconds, the patio was morphed from warm and comfy to paw deep in ice cubes.
I took a beating on the head for a bit (Still hoping for Mom to appear.....YIKES!)
then skedaddled under the closest pine tree to wait it out.
The entire world whooshed and spun, 
and I felt like I was inside a giant washing machine.....
Patio furniture went flying, chunks of the roof fell off and every flower in our pots 
and yard just disappeared.....Gone in 60 seconds.....Sucked into the Alien Vortex!!!
It seemed like hours, but could only have been minutes.
Any moment, I guessed Little Green Men would appear.....
But, they didn't.
Just Mom, FINALLY, and SHE didn't look too happy.
She scooped me up, made a huge fuss over me, kissed me all over,
and I think there was a bit of mist in her eyes.....
I can't be sure if she was sad for her flowers, or for missing me?
I'm guessing the latter.
She saved me from the Martians and made it all better.
Thanks Mom!
I'm so glad too..... 
Cuz I get car sick really easy,
and can't imagine how I'd do in a warp speed flying saucer......

If you have an easily distractible Mom like mine,
keep your Bronco's Helmet handy.....
You never know when you might need protection from alien invaders.