Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Year's Resolution......

I'm blaming it ALL on Sparky 
(of course).
He went underground, and so did I trying to track him.....
Just call me Stealth!
(There was no time for blogging)
But, I'm getting ahead of myself !
Let me catch you up on the action.....
Suddenly, our house became a very busy place.
There were lots of big feasts (with various Turkey parts added to our bowls!)
New people came and went, with happy talk and laughter.
Amazing amounts of great snacks disappeared over our heads, and some into the
giant white box in the kitchen wall.....
a few tidbits hit the floor and they were OURS!
A huge tree appeared in the house (this was NOT the first year)
and Mom spent a lot of time hanging dangling things from the branches.
Little red boxes were all over the floor, and socks hung off the fireplace.....
(This really frustrated Lucy, as she is the self appointed family sock manager 
and keeps close tabs on any not currently being worn.
She eyed the mantle socks jealously 
and occasionally jumped, trying to reach them.....No success)
One morning, all of the red boxes were opened.
The entire family sat on the floor with us Pups, 
and laughed and hugged and tore paper.
There were boxes for us kids too, and one of them held inside
12 stuffed squirrels.....WOW, we had some fun with those!
(Tasty on the tongue, but not the real thing)
One of the bigger boxes had a special surprise for Mom.
As far as I can tell, it was a new bird feeder..... 
perhaps to entertain us and the birds?
What was really great was that somehow it seemed to foil SPARKY!!!
Not that he didn't try, of course......
Cheeky creature dangled between the window screen and the feeder 
like a flying squirrel,
but it was Mission Impossible for him!
All this hub bub went on for weeks.....
Then, suddenly life was quiet again.
We napped a lot, white fluff came down outside 
and it got very, very cold on our paws.
Mom and Dad pulled our coats out of storage, and we bundled up.
Walks were were the days.....and it was dark a lot.
The ground was covered deep in white, and we could see the prints 
of our many wild animal friends.
Herds of deer bedded down in our yard.....THAT was exciting!
An owl hooted atop our giant tree.....Foxes trotted through.
And the birds were everywhere, feasting at the feeder.
But, where was SPARKY?!?!.....He had VANISHED.
One day I was napping, when I heard a rustle.....
I slowly hopped up to the bench below the feeder and peeked out.
In the bush branches, he was creeping up with eyes only on the birdseed.....
Now, that's more like it.....
The Chase is ON!
No matter what Mom says, I'm going to get that rodent.....
It's 2014 and THAT'S my New Year's Resolution!!!