Saturday, January 10, 2015

Loving Lucy.....

I've had a little Sister for 2 years now, and God knows it hasn't been easy.....
When she arrived, scruffy, scared and dragging a tattered toy,
she wasn't the most lovable rescue pup on the Planet.
She demanded attention, snapped loudly, stole my food and toys,
Even drew BLOOD!
And It's common knowledge that I wasn't thrilled.....
Thanks MOM.
But, I was thinking today how much things have changed??
I can't say where or when exactly,
but somehow along the way I stopped Hating her..... 
and started Loving Lucy.
Maybe it began with that first friendly tug of war.
Maybe she waited just a milli second longer to pirate my bowl.
Maybe she stole Lamb Chop, but shared her back a moment later.
Maybe, just maybe, her heart became a bit happier
as she learned to love our family way.....
Her Spirit felt lighter,she became a whole lot cuter, 
and she finally gave us All a break!
One day, I realized I actually looked forward to her coming through the back door.
I teased her..... and she flirted back.
We could eat in the same room, without hiding our food.
And, believe it or not, I actually WANTED to share my pillow with that Girl!
Families come in all shapes, sizes and flavors.....
Lucy may be a quirky Sister, 
But she's MY sister.

Life sure has a funny way of working out.

Faith, Hope and Love......
But the Greatest of These is Love.