Sunday, April 26, 2015

Top of the Heap.....

I had a Birthday recently......
And I partied with mixed feelings.
You know, I'm at the Age
Where it's not that exciting anymore.
Mom still works her birthday magic.....
Hats (YIKES!)
Cake (Turkey Loaf with purple frosting!)
Presents (NEW virgin Lambchop!)
Extra Lap Time (My favorite part!)
But the truth is.....I'm getting OLD!!
This was # 9 (Sixtyish for you Humans).
Where have the years gone??
Yes, yes.....9 is the new 5.
I'm in good shape, eat organic and floss.....
Roll in the grass and frolic like a pup!
But Still.....I'm Old.
With Mixed Feelings.
Mom's saying I'm Top of the Pyramid now.
It has a ring to it.
But Hey, could we maybe just say.....
I'm Top Dog?

Each stage brings it's Gifts.
Other than a great Turkey Loaf,
What will this year bring?
Think Positive.....
Believe it will be Amazing.
And so it will.