Tuesday, April 30, 2013


So, first things first......Introductions......Drum Roll, please!
I'm Mick Wagger, West Highland White Terrier AKC, 
7 years young (that's 49 human)
and I joined my  family in 2006 at the age of 9 weeks. 
Life has never been the same!
Last of my litter, I was irresistibly cute, utterly precocious and as Mom loves to say,
a real handful!.....OK, maybe I was a bit willful......but what's an Alpha pup to do?
Six peaceful  years later,and totally by surprise, a new personality joined the Pack.....
Lucy, the Queen Diva.
Wow, how'd we get so lucky? (I'm being sarcastic here)
Jeeezzz, what a Prima Donna ....
She waltzes in, demands attention, steals the toys and bites if she doesn't get her way.
You've met the type?
Those first months were a nightmare......