Monday, May 20, 2013

Beauty.....And the Beast

Grooming day is something we all look forward to.....
There's nothing like a great haircut and
Lucy and I are so lucky to get regular salon attention!
Am I sounding a bit sarcastic?
Once a month, whether we want to or not (NOT!)
we are carted off to the groomers.....
where, like Sweeney Todd,
we endure fluffing within an inch of our life.
Endless hours of sudsing, brightening, trimming, clipping and brushing.
Teeth polished to gleaming.
Oh, and did I mention the Anal Gland treatment? YIKES!
We're mostly good sports, and this isn't our first Rodeo,
but some trips it's all I can do not to lift my lip........GRRRR.
Dog.....Contain thyself.
At the end of the "service", as a consolation prize, we are awarded
our monthly Scout Scarves.....Lucy gets girly colors and I mostly get blue.
We suspiciously smell of strawberries.....

When Mom picks us up, we prance out of the salon heads held high
and scarves bouncing on our backs.
We can't get to the curb or a hydrant soon enough......AAHHH!

Shave and a haircut.....
2 Bites.