Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lucy the Land Shark.....

Lucy has a special way of looking at you when she thinks
she is hungry.....which is ALWAYS.
Coming really close (to let you know she's serious),
her beady eyes fixed on your face (or your plate),
you are caught in her intense doggy stare.
Low growls reinforce her message.
She moves in even closer.
There is no refusing Lucy......
Even Mom is hard pressed to resist.
(Though for some strange reason she's usually laughing at this point?)
Somehow, the Diva always gets her way, and I end up walking away from
my own well licked bowl (lucky I'm a fast eater!).
Lucy also has Radar ears.....
The second our humans are in the kitchen, she picks up the signal
and teleports to their feet.....
Dropped crumbs are sucked up lightening speed.
Her nose cruises every crack and cranny.
Nothing edible, not even lettuce, lasts long on that floor.
Her little pony tailed head is cocked so innocently.
But, Beware the Lucy Land Shark stare.....
("Jaws" bump, ba bump, ba bump)
You can't say No.
MICK'S TIP: Wolf down dinner and keep one eye open.