Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Missing a Sock??

Have I mentioned Lucy's sock fetish?
The girl came to us last year with some really weird habits,
but her sock obsession takes the cake......
Family!.....Beware an innocent shoe change!!
Like radar, Lucy swoops in and grabs the dirty footwear,
racing off to her pup cave to enjoy a nibble or two before hiding her stash.
The house has a random confetti look, with Mom, Dad and Brother socks 
littered everywhere, and Mom yelling.......L-U-C-Y!
Of course, I don't really mind.....
The slightly sour scent of sweat is right up my alley.
But, an Alpha's got to have some standards, and you'd never catch ME parading
with a dirty pair of socks.
No, my tastes run to the real thing.....Briefs......Now there's a great chew!

MICK'S TIP: Wal-Mart sells a six pack of fresh ankle socks for $5.96