Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dog Breath.....

Has any one ever told you that you have......
Bad Breath?
On one of those endless trips to the Vet, 
my doctor discussed canine oral health and 
dog tooth maintenance with Mom.
He gave her tasty samples for what we would need 
(Liver flavor...Yum!)
and a cute little blue brush.
He said West HIghland White Terriers 
have soft teeth, 
and keeping them Westie White is critical.
Mom listened carefully, took notes and thanked him 
for the important information.
She then brought it all home, put it in the cabinet, and conveniently forgot all about it.
Now, we kids aren't that crazy about being fussed over.....grooming, pills, vet etc.
So we're not exactly complaining about this.....
Still, when I'm on the family lap and I reach up 
to give a lick on the chin and my 
humans gag and pull away.....I can't help but take it a bit personal, ya know?
So, how do I tell Mom that a little brushing could really go a long way.....
For ALL of us?
It's tough to get the message across, and the one time I dragged the entire dental 
package out, I got scolded Big Time!
So, what's a responsible Terrier to do?
Perhaps when I go back for my $500 dental cleaning, Mom will get a clue.
But, in the meantime, I'm not thinking much about my breath right now.....
I'm pretty busy scarfing down a big hunk of choice deer poop.
MMmmmmm......Liver flavored!
A little lick on Mom's hand might be better than on the lips.