Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doggy Daddy Day !

This morning at sunrise, 
as birds began chirping and 
the cool Colorado light filtered 
through the curtains,
Lucy and I jumped on the bed and 
woke Dad with lots of sloppy kisses...
Right on his nose!
We had a special card, 
and a cartoon book 
about us Canines, 
that Mom had helped us pick out.
He was so happy and even had a couple tears in his eyes
as he opened our paw printed note.....
We brought him coffee and the Sunday paper,
then settled beside him for a little morning nap.
(Well, Lucy naps.....But, as you know, I'M always on the look out for Sparky!)
We'll stick close to his side all day long,
and remind him why we're the Best Kids in the World!
We love you Daddy!!!
Kiss YOUR Dad and
Have a Happy Daddy Doggy Day!