Sunday, March 8, 2015

Short Stuff ......

Mick Wagger here ......
Canine Clint Eastwood, 
Lover of Open Spaces,
Champion of the little Guy,
Keeper of the Peace.
On my Block (and in my mind)
I am a Force to be reckoned with.....
Not much escapes my laser focus.
Our Neighborhood is safe with Me!
(OK, maybe some days I might try too hard,
But those sneaky Squirrels deserve it)
Just one little secret......
At exactly 12" tall,
I AM the Little Guy.
Not exactly Goliath, or even David.
Truly the Napoleon of my Species.....
The kitchen counter is invisible territory,
I need help to bridge the bed,
and I can't EVER see over the snowbank.
Fences? Forget it......
Look for the knothole.
But HEY, Height isn't everything, Right?!
I've got a Keen Eye and a Shepherd's Bark.
My Intellect works overtime and
My Nose could win the National Bloodhound Award!
I'm a creative guy, who likes a challenge.....
I'm reasonably handsome.
And my Heart?
Well, Mom says I've got the Heart of a Champion.
Some days, 
It would be awfully handy to have an extra foot or two.....
Looks are great, but in my next life
I want I want those long Great Dane legs!

Use the Gifts God gave you.....
Make lemonade from lemons.....
And, if you're a short guy like me,
practice your High Jump skills.