Monday, May 6, 2013


It happened this way......
I had been tippy toeing around the demon dog for weeks, 
when suddenly for whatever reason, SHE decides  she wants to play!
Ragged squirrel in mouth, she taunts me to take it......
Well, with scars to prove it, I know better and resist.
She drops it then, and wags tail.....WOW!
Being a forgiving kind of guy and good sport at heart, I grab that toy and am off running,
Lucy chasing and HAPPY!!
We ran many laps around the house that day and collapsed on our favorite couch,
together first time EVER.
The rest is history, and we've been pals since, and all I can think is,
the girl needed a lot of love.......Which she got.....Thank you Mom.
And so began,
The Adventures of Mick Wagger and His Sidekick Lu Lu Belle.